Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Life moves on

sahi aur galat ka faisla karna to bahut aasan hai, lekin do sahi rasto main behtar chunna, aur do galat rasto main munasib chunna, yahi zindagi ka faisla karte hai.
While I really wouldn't give Fanaa the top rating, philosophical punchlines like these do sometimes get relevance in one's life.

Life never ceases to amaze me, sometimes it crawls at a snail pace and at other times, it become too fast for comfort. The same me can be a hero to some, a villain to few and a ordinary guy for most, depending upon my decisions on various big and small events that life throws at me.

Lot many events happened in past some time, lots of movies, a trip to nainital, squash and football games and some noticeable loss in weight. My blogging frequency doesn't do justice to any of them, but there is one lesson I have learned.

Life Moves On. Take out the +ves and make them your happy memories. Take out the -ves, analyze them and make them your experience. Move On.