Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Daring or Non Obedient?

I wrote this (and the upcoming next) post while flying from Bangalore to Jaipur few days back.

Unka kaam hai bolna aur hamara kaam hai nahi sunna.

A fellow passenger doesn't switch off his cellphone during take off even after being specifically told by the flight attendent. On the other side, a small kid is sitting on an open tray table. His father(?) initially tries to get him to wear the seat belt, but when the kid doesn't agree, he gets busy with attending a phone call while his kid is sitting in a very unsafe position. All this during takeoff.

I wonder the paragliders and the sky divers in western countries would drive their cars without wearing a seat belt, even if their is no law regarding the same.

Being daring to get thrilled is one thing, unnecessary risk taking for sake of non-obedience is another. I am afraid a lot of Indians I know fall in the latter category.