Monday, June 11, 2007

Port Forwarding in Airtel Modem Beetel 200BX

Ever since I wrote the article to setup wireless router with the airtel modem, lot of people have asked me to help them with port forwarding. So here is the post to do the same.

When do u need port forwarding:
Typically when you want computers outside your LAN to access your computer. Some examples can be when u set up a ftp server on my machine for other people to access, or you are running a bittorrent client such as utorrent, or when you want to play Age of Empires on the network.


  • Put an internal static IP on your machine.

    • Open Network Connections. Right click on Local Area Connection and select Properties.
    • Now select TCP-IP and click on Properties. Put values as shown. The DNS Server values I have put are that of opendns. You can also put to use the airtel dns.

  • Configuring the Airtel Modem.

    • open url
    • Advanced Setup -> NAT -> Virtual Servers
    • the Server IP would be same as the IP Address above, which is in this case.
    • If you want to play Age of Empires, you can just select this from the dropdown (it is pre-configured). Click on Save/Apply and you are done.
    • In case the service isn't pre-configured, such as utorrent. Click on Custom Service. Put name utorrent (anything, doesn't matter)
    • You would need to put which port to forward. utorrent typically runs on 19556, so put 19556 in all the four text fields i.e. External Port Start, External Port End, Internal Port Start and Internal Port End.
    • Choose the protocol. In case of utorrent, and in most other cases, it would be TCP. Click on Save/Apply.
    • Thats all. Port Forwarding should start working right away. As always, please write a comment if you reach this step :-)
Please note that these steps are applicable only if you are not using any other routers (wireless or otherwise) with your modem.

Update: Yogi has described the process for Beetel 440 TX in comments. Thanks Yogi.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

3 movies in 3 days

Shrek 3 on Friday, Shootout at Lokhandwala on Saturday and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End on Sunday.

With the gujjar violence blocking all paths to Jaipur last weekend, I decided to utilize the weekend by finishing off all possible movies that I was interested in. I had already watched Cheeni Kum a weekend before.

Cheeni Kum invoked mixed reactions. It seemed to be as if it has been made with the sole purpose of showcasing acting skills of amitabh bachchan. I couldn't figure out another reason why I would go and watch this movie.

Shrek 3 was nowhere close to the original Shrek. Why do all these animated intended for children movies must have this "moral of the story" embedded in it. For that matter, why do they always need to be intended for children. Shrek 1 didn't really try to do all this teaching and I guess that is why it was so lovable.

Shootout looked pretty cool. Despite huge violence, Tushaar Kapoor and a so-so Vivek Oberoi (who seemed to have been promoted to Ajay Devgan's role after Company :-D), it has an impact on the audience. One of the good things about the movie is that it doesn't passes any judgements on anyone, just shows plain facts (or true rumors as they say :-D)

Pirates 3 - good but a pretty complex story. And the fact that I didn't remember most of the story of earlier editions added to my misery. Heck, I didn't even remember that Jack Sparrow was killed in the last movie. I think my kind of people should first consult Wikipedia before going for such a movie ;-)