Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sach mere yaar hai

Just remembered this great song. It used to be my and one of my friend's favorite in college. He used to sing it really well too and was famous in the hostel this song.

The last stanza of this song is in particular brilliant.

सुनते थे हम ये जिंदगी गम और ख़ुशी का मेल है
हमको मगर आया नज़र ये जिंदगी वो खेल है
कोई सब जीते सब कोई हार दे
अपनी तो हार है

My friend always used to sing this last line as apni to jeet hai and I would sing it as apni to haar hai.
And then he would say ki apni to jeet hai mere dost. And I would say, nahi apni haar hai.

Mere dost, apni abhi bhi haar hai.