Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Kyun ho gaya naa

Saw Kyun ho gaya naa yesterday. The only reason why this movie finds a mention in this blog is because the last movie I saw before this was more than 1.5 months ago.
Right from the start I knew that this is going to be one bad experience. Maybe that's the reason why I didn't find it as bad as expected. Good and bad are relative terms, relative to expectations. This is why we fights with our loved ones even on a very small issue while choose to ignore strangers.

The good thing about the movie was this photography. However, as this happens with most movies of aishwarya, the movie at times looked more like a photo session of aishwarya.
I have beginning to dislike aishwarya in the past few days when it comes to acting. Everytime I see her, I feel like she is carrying a great burden of showing the world the face of the cultured, all good indian woman, and she has lost her natural expressions because of this. All expressions that come on her face apart from her smile look made up. She makes heavy-weight emotional scenes out of nowhere. Com'on girl, look like a human, not like some great romantic poem/goddess/most emotional person on earth.

I didn't find anything worthwhile mention in this movie having nothing that I can call storyline.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

2 years of software engineering

Today I complete 2 years in the software industry. I still remember 10th August, 2002. I received my B.Tech degree in the convocation ceremony and in the evening I left for Bangalore to join Infy on the 12th of August, 2002, exactly 2 years ago.
Now as I look back, I feel that things could have gone better. I have not be able to meet the professional targets that I have set for myself at that time. At the same time. I also feel that things could have gone much worse. Hence I would settle for a job reasonably well done.
Personally, I didn't have many targets 2 years ago. I have taken up whatever came up on my stride. So there should not be any no question of dissatisfaction there.
Targets have changed, Target types have changed, lets see how the life goes.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Note Chapne ki Machine

Gullu has always been one of the greatest performers I have seen when it comes to academics or profession. So when he says that there is more to life than grades and a plum job, I can't help but wonder if he is trying to not be a part of my new sadistic defination of IITians.

As per this defination, all IITians are nothing but Note Chapne ki Machine ... All their life they do nothing but sit on a table with a xerox machine printing out currency. People come, take the currency and leave to do whatever they want. In return, they give you food, clothes, shelter and sometimes love. This is somewhat similar to the rat race described in Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

I shouldn't take all the credit for this sadistic thought. It came out a few days ago when I was talking to 2-3 friends of mine (Mota, BKP and Vikas). Mota is being placed in Bareilly by his employer where he has nothing but the xerox machine. So now you know where the thought originated from.

So if I know all this, then why am I not doing anything to make life worthwhile. Well, I am trying for sure. Kyonki Fighter hamesha fight maarta hai.

Monday, August 02, 2004

A tribute to friendship

My general opinion on Friendship day (or any such day for that matter) is that these days have been defined by Greeting Card companies to promote their sales.
However, I have been pretty nostalgic in the past few days remembering the good old days of college and bangalore. Maybe because delhi still doesn't provide me the same home feeling as I used to have in these two places.
The tragedy of my kind of life is that we keep on moving, changing places and in the process, go far away from the great friends we make.
Time once gone never comes back, but I am happy to say that I spent the best days of my life so far during IIT and Bangalore and I am proud that I have such great friends.
A big thank you to all of you my dear friends ... Hail friendship and hail Shakti for being so much more lucky than Sanjay.