Monday, August 02, 2004

A tribute to friendship

My general opinion on Friendship day (or any such day for that matter) is that these days have been defined by Greeting Card companies to promote their sales.
However, I have been pretty nostalgic in the past few days remembering the good old days of college and bangalore. Maybe because delhi still doesn't provide me the same home feeling as I used to have in these two places.
The tragedy of my kind of life is that we keep on moving, changing places and in the process, go far away from the great friends we make.
Time once gone never comes back, but I am happy to say that I spent the best days of my life so far during IIT and Bangalore and I am proud that I have such great friends.
A big thank you to all of you my dear friends ... Hail friendship and hail Shakti for being so much more lucky than Sanjay.


  1. you are making me nostalgic... those were the best days of my life, indeed... hope you have a great time ahead of you... whether it is friendship day or not, three cheers to friendship...

  2. We still remember you and talk about you Sanjay!

    In fact Roshan misses you the most... Now you know who is wishing you a Happy Friendship Day!

  3. Thanks a lot Abhishek ... Infact RPM is one of the few places where Sanjay has been lucky :) ... The other place, to some extent, is my school.
    With friends like you, every day is friendship day :)