Friday, October 29, 2004


This week has been pretty hectic for me as I had to stay in office till midnight twice. Interestingly, my stay-in-office-till-midnight-count before this was 4 before this week in more than 2 years of experience.
I certainly do not like to stay in office for an extra minute as it reduces my hourly pay-rate drastically. Secondly, office is not exactly a fun-place for me and I believe in following a strict 9-6 routine and delivering all my deliverables within that. I feel that following this routine will make me better at time-management and will help me two years down the line by which I would probably get married.

Also, I had my first performance review and my manager has been pretty happy with my work. Its been the first time when I have been recognized for the work I have done with my manager calling me "a valuable resource to the company". This have made me particularly happy considering that certain not so good incidents happened 2-3 months ago. This also proves that my beliefs and current path are helping me find the balance my professional and personal life better, something that I have been thriving to.

Is it me or is it that I am going too personal in my last few posts? Or I have always been like that??

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Jindagi ek Jung

Last weekend and this week have been more leisurely for me due to an easily manageable workload in office and my not going to my hometown last weekend for a change.
Hence after a long time, I have been watching some TV. Saw old movies spiderman and meri jung again.

Among all the comic heroes, I find spiderman most interesting because of two reasons. One is the science fiction and technology involved which are relatively realistic. The other reason is the dilemma that spiderman has and the "with great power comes great responsibility" tag. How the same powers can be his boon and curse at the same time. In my opinion, even with a small power comes great responsibility.

Meri Jung
also echoes similar sentiments with title song
Jindagi har kadam ek nayi jung hai
Jeet jayenge hum tu agar sang hai

I was pretty much a happy go lucky person till entering my final year of college. Getting almost everything without much of fight, I had a carefree attitude and smiling face. However, the final semester of college and professional life has brought out the fighter out of me. After lots of depression periods big and small, I feel that I am coming in terms with life. Also, I have been able to fight out some happiness and stability for myself. This gives me a sense of achievement and the confidence to tackle other problems in hand.

Life has to be taken with a strong mind and smiling face. And every little moment of joy should be enjoyed to the fullest.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Writer's block

Lots of new things have happened in past sometime. A lot to write about, but somehow I have not been able to pen my thoughts. In an attempt to break this block, I would summarize few events and few thoughts .

I shifted to a another rented house sometime ago and life has been more peaceful after that. Now after more than six months since I left bangalore, I feel little bit stability in both my personal and professional life. Being a tauras, stability is the first priority of my life , lacking which I am unable to concentrate on any other task.

Its PR revival time and I have started working on it. Also its time to start thinking new ideas and start working on the old ones whereever required.

Also, my brother's wedding is on Nov 22 so all the readers take note of this date in their schedulers. I would be sending across invitations soon.

P.S. For a writer's block, does one needs to be a writer?