Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Writer's block

Lots of new things have happened in past sometime. A lot to write about, but somehow I have not been able to pen my thoughts. In an attempt to break this block, I would summarize few events and few thoughts .

I shifted to a another rented house sometime ago and life has been more peaceful after that. Now after more than six months since I left bangalore, I feel little bit stability in both my personal and professional life. Being a tauras, stability is the first priority of my life , lacking which I am unable to concentrate on any other task.

Its PR revival time and I have started working on it. Also its time to start thinking new ideas and start working on the old ones whereever required.

Also, my brother's wedding is on Nov 22 so all the readers take note of this date in their schedulers. I would be sending across invitations soon.

P.S. For a writer's block, does one needs to be a writer?


  1. dude, you have typists' block, if it exists :-). nov 22? duh man. its summers time. our summer placement is going to be arnd that time. life में stability तो बहुत जरुरी है... तो अब जनाब आप शहनाई कब बजवा रहे हैं?

  2. haha ... I like this term "typist block". For more than 80% of software engineers in India, SE is simply a fundu looking synonym of typist, just like front desk executive is for receptionist.
    Waise gullu IIM ke bande se to waise bhi umeed nahi hoti ki woh shaadi main aa payenge ... haan lekin meri shehnai jab tak bajegi tab tak shayad aapke pass time ho jayega.