Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Almost Dhoom

Dhoom machte machte rahe gaya. How many times has this happen a hindi movie that it starts pretty well, increases the expectations and then falters at some point. This movie fits perfectly into the "good, but could have been better" classification.
Good concept, good bikes, a decent abhishek bachchan and john abrahim. While most hindi movies have 2-3 simultaneous stories running, this sticks to its one and only story.
But the starcast otherwise could have been better. There could have been more than just one big bike chase. The high energy "Dhoom Machale" song could have been choreographed on someone having more energy than esha deol.
So many coulds. Well, still the verdict should to given on the effort and I call it another step towards hollywood.


  1. is it that you have been to a movie after a long time? or you don't have the time for reviews anymore.. jo bhi ho.. good to see some review :-)... now that i don't have the luxury of going out for movies, review padh ke hi kaam chala lete hai ;-)

  2. My movie going frequency has reduced a lot these days. I have written reviews for every movie I have seen in past few weeks. Just that the number is just two.
    यहां कौन है तेरा, मुसाफिर, आ गया कहाँ