Wednesday, August 16, 2006

4 years of software engineering

Its that time of the year again when I do a self evaluation on my professional and personal achievements and make goals for ahead. I have been doing it since I completed my 2 years in software engineering.

Last year, I had just landed up in a job where I felt I could get better aligned with the professional goals I have set for myself. Leaving behind the dreaded typical Indian Software Services industry, which I could never thrive on, I went into a product development company, which I always felt was more appropriate for a techy/geeky guy like me.

This year saw a reaffirmation of my beliefs and I have beginning to believe that a complete technical career is possible in India as well if you work for the right company. Which is a good sign as its a must if Indian software industry wants to get out of its coolie valley tag. Also, it gives me a much more clear insight of how I would like to go ahead.

Personally, its been a relatively better year than last one. I have been able to slightly come out of the rat race and able to see things with a broader perspective. That puts me into better control of my life. But trouble with life is that you never get clear insights.

Hence I'll go for a "Not a bad job at all", just need to keep moving ahead.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Rang de Basanti

This one is I-Day Special. It all started quite some time ago when I read this post by greatbong. Do read it first to be in coherence. Since I read this post, I have had some thoughts and I even discussed some of it with few friends. I think its time to put my point of view.

What connects “shooting politicians” with “rubbing against Mallika” is that they are both fantasies. While many a director have realized that the way to make a quick buck is to pander to the second fantasy, there have been comparitively few that have realized the potential of playing up to the first.

I agree. I never thought in these terms before, but yes, movies are about selling emotions and fantasies. And contrary to whatever the elderly has to say about aajkal ke bacche, I believe that patriotism is as strong an emotion as ... say ... love. And solving all problems of India would be a fantasy to a lot of us. No wonder when you see something similar on screen, you are bound to get emotional. So where's the fault in that?

Now for the other part. I ask - What is inspiration? Inspiration is an idea that you see which you never saw before. Its something that makes you start thinking in this new direction. Is there anything I can do to make mine and other lives easier? Its a switch from cribbing about problems to thinking about a solution.

I agree that the movie doesn't provide a solution. It can never, as there is no single problem. There are hundreds of problems, starting from an auto rickshaw driver asking for too much money to bomb blasts in Mumbai. But is there anything I can do about it. Maybe I can't. But atleast I'll think over it.

If a common man watches Rang de Basanti and comes out saying that he'll go and kill all the politicians, I don't think he has been inspired at all. Its just an hysteria that in all probability will die down in a few days. Inspiration would be if he finds out that he might have able to get the road of his colony repaired by filing a Right to Information Application.

When blogspot was blocked in India, I myself consulted a lawyer if there was anything I could do about it. I finally didn't do anything as the ban was lifted in a few days. Even if the ban had not been lifted, I might well have not done anything due to "high lawyer fees, too much trouble, external pressures or whatever excuse". But atleast I took the first step. I became Aware.

Are you aware of your rights? When you crib about a problem, did u ever think if anything can be done? It might well be that there is nothing you can do today, but down the line, there might be a time when you CAN do something, and don't hesitate when that time comes. Be Aware, Be Active. No need to remember how many people died in Jaliawala Bagh, no need to know who Bhagat Singh was, just open your eyes, see around and think if there is anything you can do make your own life easier.

And while the security checks this independence day doesn't make me feel that independent (I know I am cribbing but I know there is nothing I can do about it), I wish you all Happy Independence Day :-)

Monday, August 14, 2006


You are on road on a bike with someone. Suddenly you recognize a person crossing the road. Coincidence. Then you realize, hey this guy was supposed to be in Bangalore, how is he in Noida ?? Bigger Coincidence.
Now you meet him, he tells you that he just came in the morning and will be leaving late evening for his place. So just 24 hrs in Noida, no prior information and me and Nagar met Rajneesh on the roads of Noida. Now what are the odds of that.
Bonus, we met (to be) Bhabhi too :-).

Friday, August 11, 2006

Winning Attitude

I recently was telling someone that when I used to play carom in college, I played it only to win. The obvious response I got was - "So what's new. Who doesn't".

I don't. I don't do things for winning in general. There are only specific instances, like the carom example, when I really want to win. And I used to win pretty frequently at it too because of that.

Even in life, I am content with the loser tag. And its not just that I am okay with losing, I am actually happy losing out. A not so exact but similar example might be that if I am with a group of friends who are pulling my leg just for enjoyment, I might actually give them more fodder for that. I may as well make a complete fool of myself deliberately so that the gang enjoys it and I enjoy alongwith.

As most people I see are ones who need to be taught how to handle failures, I wonder whether there are many people like me.

It might be a good thing as it makes me more content internally than those who always try to achieve everything and get frustated in the process. Or it might be a bad thing as a challenges to win typically make u perform better and hence it is pretty difficult for someone else to make me perform if I don't want too.