Wednesday, August 16, 2006

4 years of software engineering

Its that time of the year again when I do a self evaluation on my professional and personal achievements and make goals for ahead. I have been doing it since I completed my 2 years in software engineering.

Last year, I had just landed up in a job where I felt I could get better aligned with the professional goals I have set for myself. Leaving behind the dreaded typical Indian Software Services industry, which I could never thrive on, I went into a product development company, which I always felt was more appropriate for a techy/geeky guy like me.

This year saw a reaffirmation of my beliefs and I have beginning to believe that a complete technical career is possible in India as well if you work for the right company. Which is a good sign as its a must if Indian software industry wants to get out of its coolie valley tag. Also, it gives me a much more clear insight of how I would like to go ahead.

Personally, its been a relatively better year than last one. I have been able to slightly come out of the rat race and able to see things with a broader perspective. That puts me into better control of my life. But trouble with life is that you never get clear insights.

Hence I'll go for a "Not a bad job at all", just need to keep moving ahead.


  1. dude ... really nice to hear that u are finally enjoying ur work and doing justice to ur talent ...

  2. That is always the recommended path. First go to a services company, spend some decent time in there under stress and torture, then move to a product company where you feel you are doing something more important. I speak from experience :-)

  3. I don't know, I wouldn't have minded being in a product company right at the start of my career, though its kinda difficult with so few good product companies around (they were even less 4 years ago)
    And stress and torture (or the lack of it) isn't exclusive to services or product, IMO.
    I'll like to know your career path.

  4. Glad to hear that someone's really happy in the Indian IT industry. Looking fwd to hearing your story on "5 years of SE"