Friday, August 11, 2006

Winning Attitude

I recently was telling someone that when I used to play carom in college, I played it only to win. The obvious response I got was - "So what's new. Who doesn't".

I don't. I don't do things for winning in general. There are only specific instances, like the carom example, when I really want to win. And I used to win pretty frequently at it too because of that.

Even in life, I am content with the loser tag. And its not just that I am okay with losing, I am actually happy losing out. A not so exact but similar example might be that if I am with a group of friends who are pulling my leg just for enjoyment, I might actually give them more fodder for that. I may as well make a complete fool of myself deliberately so that the gang enjoys it and I enjoy alongwith.

As most people I see are ones who need to be taught how to handle failures, I wonder whether there are many people like me.

It might be a good thing as it makes me more content internally than those who always try to achieve everything and get frustated in the process. Or it might be a bad thing as a challenges to win typically make u perform better and hence it is pretty difficult for someone else to make me perform if I don't want too.

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