Monday, April 23, 2007

Blog backup service and an error

I just found out that I haven't completed 100 posts yet. The error came in because my Blogger dashboard currently shows "103 posts", while actually its 99 posts and 4 drafts.

So this is the official 100th post. For the record, I have also wrote 9 posts on Technical Advice.

I discovered this error when I was checking out this new service for backing up blogs. BlogBackupOnline looks pretty promising, and it backed up this blog in a breeze. It showed only 99 posts backed up, and thats what gave me the clue.
Check out its review by download squad here.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Himesh law of Inevitability

If you switch on FM radio and keep the same channel up for sufficiently long time, the probability of you receiving some high pitch nasal treatment (as opposed to laser treatment) closes to 1.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Don't buy fuel from Indian Oil

There is way too much fraud in most Indian Oil Petrol pumps. Have seen it in Noida, have seen it in Delhi, have seen it in Jaipur. I don't know how, all the petrol pumps where I see fraud belong to Indian Oil.

Their latest trick that I suffered in a petrol pump in Jasola Vihar, Delhi, I asked them to fill in petrol worth Rs. 500. This guy fills in only till 100, showing that he didn't hear correctly. Then when I asked him to fill in for 500, this guy resumes and fill till 400. Then he says that he had started from zero the second time when he started when it was pretty clear that he just resumed from 100.

I have found many other sufferers to this trick too.

Petrol is an essential item and that fact itself have made owners of these petrol pumps super rich already. I fail to understand why they need to use fraudulent techniques on top of that.

And that when other oil companies like HP and BP have so much improved there services and are so much more trustworthy.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A century of posting

The last post was my 100th post. That coming in 3 years of blogging with an average of 2-3 posts a month isn't too much of a record to be proud of.

However, blogging has been a great experience and I am happy that I got inspired, started and went on.

There have been certain good posts, and if I choose a few, Fanaah, Being Vulnerable and more recently, Problem with Emotions have been close to my heart.

I am satisfied for being consistently able to write, no matter how small the frequency might be.
And I hope to continue to do so in future.