Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Jindagi ek Jung

Last weekend and this week have been more leisurely for me due to an easily manageable workload in office and my not going to my hometown last weekend for a change.
Hence after a long time, I have been watching some TV. Saw old movies spiderman and meri jung again.

Among all the comic heroes, I find spiderman most interesting because of two reasons. One is the science fiction and technology involved which are relatively realistic. The other reason is the dilemma that spiderman has and the "with great power comes great responsibility" tag. How the same powers can be his boon and curse at the same time. In my opinion, even with a small power comes great responsibility.

Meri Jung
also echoes similar sentiments with title song
Jindagi har kadam ek nayi jung hai
Jeet jayenge hum tu agar sang hai

I was pretty much a happy go lucky person till entering my final year of college. Getting almost everything without much of fight, I had a carefree attitude and smiling face. However, the final semester of college and professional life has brought out the fighter out of me. After lots of depression periods big and small, I feel that I am coming in terms with life. Also, I have been able to fight out some happiness and stability for myself. This gives me a sense of achievement and the confidence to tackle other problems in hand.

Life has to be taken with a strong mind and smiling face. And every little moment of joy should be enjoyed to the fullest.

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