Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Note Chapne ki Machine

Gullu has always been one of the greatest performers I have seen when it comes to academics or profession. So when he says that there is more to life than grades and a plum job, I can't help but wonder if he is trying to not be a part of my new sadistic defination of IITians.

As per this defination, all IITians are nothing but Note Chapne ki Machine ... All their life they do nothing but sit on a table with a xerox machine printing out currency. People come, take the currency and leave to do whatever they want. In return, they give you food, clothes, shelter and sometimes love. This is somewhat similar to the rat race described in Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

I shouldn't take all the credit for this sadistic thought. It came out a few days ago when I was talking to 2-3 friends of mine (Mota, BKP and Vikas). Mota is being placed in Bareilly by his employer where he has nothing but the xerox machine. So now you know where the thought originated from.

So if I know all this, then why am I not doing anything to make life worthwhile. Well, I am trying for sure. Kyonki Fighter hamesha fight maarta hai.


  1. Right on target. Note chapne ki machine. This thing came up in a conversation today. In growing up to be what we are, somewhere we have killed some innate desire and ability. I could very well have been doing something I really like, rather than wandering around trying to find something I hate the least.

  2. Maybe because we want to be like that. The hunger for money and fame could be the driving factor. Or maybe the sense of achievement that we have done something good for our family and people we care about.