Thursday, August 12, 2004

2 years of software engineering

Today I complete 2 years in the software industry. I still remember 10th August, 2002. I received my B.Tech degree in the convocation ceremony and in the evening I left for Bangalore to join Infy on the 12th of August, 2002, exactly 2 years ago.
Now as I look back, I feel that things could have gone better. I have not be able to meet the professional targets that I have set for myself at that time. At the same time. I also feel that things could have gone much worse. Hence I would settle for a job reasonably well done.
Personally, I didn't have many targets 2 years ago. I have taken up whatever came up on my stride. So there should not be any no question of dissatisfaction there.
Targets have changed, Target types have changed, lets see how the life goes.

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