Monday, June 11, 2007

Port Forwarding in Airtel Modem Beetel 200BX

Ever since I wrote the article to setup wireless router with the airtel modem, lot of people have asked me to help them with port forwarding. So here is the post to do the same.

When do u need port forwarding:
Typically when you want computers outside your LAN to access your computer. Some examples can be when u set up a ftp server on my machine for other people to access, or you are running a bittorrent client such as utorrent, or when you want to play Age of Empires on the network.


  • Put an internal static IP on your machine.

    • Open Network Connections. Right click on Local Area Connection and select Properties.
    • Now select TCP-IP and click on Properties. Put values as shown. The DNS Server values I have put are that of opendns. You can also put to use the airtel dns.

  • Configuring the Airtel Modem.

    • open url
    • Advanced Setup -> NAT -> Virtual Servers
    • the Server IP would be same as the IP Address above, which is in this case.
    • If you want to play Age of Empires, you can just select this from the dropdown (it is pre-configured). Click on Save/Apply and you are done.
    • In case the service isn't pre-configured, such as utorrent. Click on Custom Service. Put name utorrent (anything, doesn't matter)
    • You would need to put which port to forward. utorrent typically runs on 19556, so put 19556 in all the four text fields i.e. External Port Start, External Port End, Internal Port Start and Internal Port End.
    • Choose the protocol. In case of utorrent, and in most other cases, it would be TCP. Click on Save/Apply.
    • Thats all. Port Forwarding should start working right away. As always, please write a comment if you reach this step :-)
Please note that these steps are applicable only if you are not using any other routers (wireless or otherwise) with your modem.

Update: Yogi has described the process for Beetel 440 TX in comments. Thanks Yogi.


  1. yeah, but i am ot able to get the page wich will let me map th ports for forwarding i use the newer 440tx from beetal. (wif router)

    whr can i find that?


  2. Rishi,
    does this url not work for your Wi-Fi router?
    What url do you normally use for configuring the connection?

  3. i want to know the port number which i hav to enter for utorrent 1.6.1. is this should be same as the number used by utorrent in options->speedguide

  4. well i have a beetel 220bx adsl modem and on opening its setup page no NAT option is visible and neither Advance Options.Only WAN and LAN options are visible.
    Are there any software which automatically configure NAT settings
    can anyone tell me the link.
    i m using BSNL broadband.

  5. I am also using a 440tx beetel router and would like to know how to configure it for port forwarding. when i goto the url i have to enter a password and then there is no NAT setup there.Please reply me at

  6. Wow ! I've searched far and wide for a way to do this. I had almost consigned myself to the conclusion that it just wasn't possible, given the fact that ISP's in India don't allot public IP addresses.

    My only lament is that I found your blog so late ! Thanks a ton, buddy ! You rawk !

  7. Hi
    So does anyone know how to configure Beetel 440TX router for port forwarding?

  8. I too replaced my 220BX router with Beetel 440TX1 Wi-Fi router from Airtel but I can't find the advance settings.

    It seems telnet access to this router is also blocked. The same login name and password works for the html access, but in telnet access, after entering the login name, it prompts for the password but I am unable to enter any character on the keyboard. When I enter the password (it does not echo on the screen) and press enter, it says "Incorrect Login".

    Any suggestions.


  9. Even i want to know how to configure port forwarding on Airtel 440tx1 wifi router.Is this router better than dlink or netgear Wi-fi.Can anyone suggest which is the best wifi router


  10. Dear Sanjay,

    I am also using Beetel 440TX from Airtel and not able to do port forwarding on that. does not work on this and does not have NAT configuration. Please help.


  11. Beetel 440 TX advanced configuration page is

    Click the "Advanced" on the link titled "Port Forwarding".If you get a message asking you to specify an ip address before proceeding, do this. Click on "LAN Clients -->Select LAN Connection should be LAN Group1 --> Under Enter IP Address, enter your own ip address.

    Now on Port Forwading page select the "user" radio button and click on the "New".Under rule name you can give any name.
    Under protocol select TCP,UDP.
    Under "port start" enter the first port number you wish to open and "port end" specifies the ending port number. The "port map" should contain the same port number as what you entered in "port start".

    Once this is done click on apply and go back to the previous page.
    Now check the "user" radio button, you should now be able to see the newly created rule.
    Select the rule, click on "Add" and click on "Apply".

    Now on the top of the page click on "Tools", and then click on "System Commands"

    On the page click on "Save All" and then click on "Restart". Your modem will are done...

    happy downloading

  12. No it still does not seem to be working on my 440tx.

    Have you tried it out for UTorrent ?

  13. Hi sanjay,

    I am having Beetle 220Bx ADSL Modem with Airtel DSL 24hrs Unlimited. I have forwarded port 21(FTP) on it after reading the instructions on your blog. I want to setup a personal FTP server so that I can connect to my pc from anywhere in the world through the FTP protocol.

    I have forward the port.. now what shud I do???
    How do I setup a FTP Server and how will I get a IP Address which I will use to connecto to my PC. Please help. Thanks

  14. Nirjhar,
    There are lots of free ftp servers available on the net. Check out for a few.
    For IP Address, use a dynamic DNS service. Check out

  15. Hi

    I have downloaded the Quick 'n Easy FTP server... and created an account on dyn dns.. my up address is mapped to a regular host name. but i am unable to connect.. i have forwared the port on my router and also added a ftp port in the windows xp firewall.. please help..

  16. Whew! Thanks for that info Yogi.

    I was getting damn annoyed that the router didn't seem to have an option to configure a DMZ or port forwarding.

    And Airtel tech seem to either not know this info or think you're too dumb to be allowed to know this.

  17. No, port forwarding is still not working on my 440tx. under Lansetup configuration the port forward service is not at all there.

  18. Hye! Sanjay welcome back to india mate... Well I have been facing some problem.. I am having a 220BX beetle ADSL router which I recently updated the firmware.. I want to know.. is it possible to block MSN Messenger and Orkut and Facebook from my router .. please help.. Thank you :)

  19. Hi..
    I know this may not really be relevant in this post...but it'd be great if you could help me out!
    I am using 220BX adsl 2+ modem with bsnl dataone...when i switch on the modem and go to - it says the page cannot be displayed...i followed your tcp/ip settings and checked my browser settings...really at my wits end.

  20. @anon,
    open cmd prompt. type ipconfig.
    See the IP in the gateway. Thats the IP of your router. type that in the browser instead of

  21. Using this setting can i connect remote desktop..I'm unable to connect remote desktop sitting over USA. How do i connect to my friend. She's very "0" in networking.

  22. @rahul,
    Try this software

    This is not related to this article though.

  23. I turned off the DHCP using the telnet option and am not able to access telnet or using the link. can you tell me how to turn on DHCP?

  24. @ajaraghu,
    Please take a look at my earlier comment at

  25. sanjay, thanks for helping out. I am still facing the problem...

    I have detailed the problem here


  26. sanjay.. u r rockstar ..superstar..thanks for helping every1 out here... 3 CHeers for sanjay...
    i have few simple question for u:
    1. i have beetel 220bxi adsl2 modem with me.. do i need to buy a router[i need all these stuffs jus to download from torrent files]
    2. i have just used ur port forwarding which worked fine.[superb]
    3.i have read ur 1st post.. to connect to router..although understand bt thinking will it affect my current settings.
    4. plz provide ur mail id [im new to torrent so all is gloomy for me abt these router's tcp/ip...blahblah..]
    Thanks a zillion....dude

  27. @sri,
    you don't need to buy the router. I think the rest of the questions automatically get answered with this.

  28. i have configured my airtel conn. through wireless which is connected to beetel 220 bx modem. If i want to port forward now what do i do?

  29. I think that some people need to note that you need to log on using a computer that is connected via wired LAN & not Wi-Fi. The URLs specified here work perfectly.

    Thanks yogi, for that last URL. I really needed that.

    Cheers All...


  30. I use Beetel 220 BX modem

    But i cant see the nat option @

    PLease help

  31. Help me at

  32. Dear yogi,

    i tried to forward my port according to your instructions. But when i tried to access, it is prompting a window which states that requires a user id and a password. how to go about it?

  33. dear don, the user is "admin" and password is "password" in airtel modem by default

  34. Yogi thanks for the advanced conf url
    it opened totally new window for me


  35. hi Yogi,

    Thanks for the info .. I have a linksys wireless router set up for wi-fi with the airtel beetel modem. Just wondering how do i port forward for this scenario?


  37. Hey Thanks, this is brilliant. I had no idea the real router functions were hidden behind that /main.html url ... I just thought I was stuck with the worst router on the face of the planet.

    I had one question: Do you know of any sort of TCP connection limit built into the 220bx?

  38. Thanks a lot pal... I had difficulty with port forwarding as does not mention the last few steps correctly.. thanks to you i solved it...

  39. Why do port forwarding when can use UPnP. Most of the software/hardware support UPnP these days. I have enabled UPnP on my Airtel Router and then enable then in software (with no Port Forwarding setup). I use everything without any problem (P2P, online gaming, XBOX)

  40. hi,
    any suggestions on configuring it using netgear wg614v5 router which has the airtel id and password fed in its setting for connections.. its been 2 weeks and i have not found a solution even though ive tried every trick in the book..

  41. doesn't get u the settings page?

  42. Hi Sanjay I found you blog really very informational. I was trying to forward my FTP request from my router to my local IIS server. I dont want to configure or install any other FTP server. Even the Airtel one has inbuilt profile for FTP Server which I m not able to configure...

    My server is running fine on LAN at

    i.e port 2222 on my machine....
    how to forward routers 21 port to my machines 2222 IP you already know now....

    kindly give me the steps..
    my mail id is

  43. its working fine, thanq, thanq very much

  44. I did all the steps you suggested for port forwarding.
    I even upgraded firmware and rebooted the modem.
    Still when I give - my outside ip in browser, I get message Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage...
    the inbuilt ftp client says connection refused.
    Am I forgetting any step.

  45. Hey, thanks a lot for the configuration - I can finally see the green smiley on Azureus! It didn't make a big difference in the speed though :(

    But, awesome tutorial, thanks again!

  46. Dear Sanjay,

    thanks a lot man, I am able to see the green light in utorrent now and its downloading very fast now. thanks a zillion.
    dude u are great.

  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. Dear sanjay...

    i have configured port settling and dyndns for beetel 220 airtel (dynamic ip) but still i can't connect to my computer from internet. while connecting it shows login username and password window for ftp server but it is not getting authenticated pls help me in this....

  49. Good stuff.. it should work even if you have wifi router in place..

    This is what needs to be done:

    Airtel Modem > Wifi Router
    Wifi Router > PC

    Set DHCP enabled in your router.. and set the gateway to

    DHCP IP starting from

    That's it.. the things should work smoothly as they worked at my end.

    Do let me know if you want me to explain the stuff in detail.


  50. Worked like a charm!
    Thanks Sanjay!

  51. Thank you. it has helped me a lot!!!

  52. i have a beetel 440 tx1 modem . It doesnt have the advanced tab in the configuration page .
    Please help me out .

  53. Dude! You ROCK. Thanks a bunch.

  54. AIRTEL BEETEL 220BXI MODEM WORKED! There is a difference in accessing and accessing


    Click this there is a NAT Option under Advanced Setup

  55. How do I handle port forwarding if I have a 220BX set up with a linksys wrt54g router??

  56. Thanks man ... no one could have made it simpler ... it was so damn easy... ive read other manuals and suggestions and methods .. but none of them were said so simply.

    Thanks again ..
    Cheers :)

  57. I'm using 220bx n this method worked like a charm...Thanks a lot...

  58. hi sanjay
    i need ur help man...!!

    ive edited the LAN props(TCP/IP)
    but im not able to open the page to edit the advanced menu..!

    whats the username n password..?
    im not able to go thru tis part..!

    help me..!

  59. i ve gone thru that part sanjay...!!
    edited the NAt props..!
    i used custom service
    i use Bit torrent so i used ports btw 6881 - 6889..
    rebooted the modem..!
    rebooted the system...!

    but still my torrent shows NAT reachablity pblm...!

    i cant go thru NAT test in the options menu of my bit torrent..!
    it says
    "Testing port 6882 ... Unable to test: Invalid port given, or test service failed.
    Another application may already be using this port."

    what shall i do...??

  60. hi
    i have a 110BX modem and i followd all the steps given in ur blog but my utorrent starts giving a ! sign instead of the normal delta sign.
    i am unable to get the port forwarding working.
    can u help?

  61. Thanks! I was able to do the port forwarding for ╬╝Torrent.

  62. A very strange prob here. My port forwarding works for utorrent but not for any other server (such as apache). It was working till a few days back, but then my comp crashed I reformatted (so nothing changed on the router settings). Any ideas?

    Also I can't access Any guesses what the modem IP address might be most likely?

  63. Hi Sanjay,

    How do I handle port forwarding if I have a 220BX set up with a linksys wrt54g router?? I have a unlimited Airtel connection (512kbps) but my downloads in torrents go to just 30kbps :(

    A detailed step-to-step help on this would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance

  64. Thanks..... It Really Helped Me To Configure eMule

  65. Hi Sanjay,

    I've been tryin to fix my Beetel 200 BX modem for a while now, without much success. I had intermittent connectivity problem with my Airtel broadband and the tech guy came and upgraded my modem's firmware.

    Now that this was done, I was having a LOT of port problems. Every other application was refusing to connect, such as Limewire and Azureus (which said it'd been firewalled). I wanted to do some port forwarding and surprise of surprises, I have been unable ABSOLUTELY to open the modem settings page.

    I use a Netgear WGR614v6 router and I'm able to access the router settings page on, which is the address we have assigned for it. i WAS able to access the Beetel modem settings page too previously on, but now that does not seem to be working at all.

    Any clue on what has happened? How do I figure out the address to access the modem settings?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  66. hi this is great help but i am using to Port Forwarding in Airtel Modem Beetel 450 BXi n i am using windows 2003 server n i am unable to use ftp service n msg " connection closed by remote host " i am unable to find what is problem plz help me

    my mail id

  67. what do i do to forward ports if i also have a wireless router???

  68. you're a star, mate! worked like a charm. i'd been banging my head over this for quite a while now. many thanks.

  69. Dear Sanjay,

    I am having Airtel BB but modem is HUAWEI (SmartAX MT880).

    The procedure said by you goto Advanced>>NAT>>Virtual Servers.
    Such an option isnot available with me.

    Options available to me under Advanced are :- RIP/Security/Firewall/Filter/QoS/TimeZone/ACL/TR069/UpnP.. thats all.

    I hope you have got my concern.
    I request you to help me for port forwarding.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

  70. @Musketeers by Dumas
    In HUAWEI SmartAX MT880, NAT is in "other settings"
    Check out for more details.

  71. I have beetel 110tc1 ADSL2+Router... I did configure the static ip... it worked fine but could not get the Utorrent 1.83 to do port forwarding.... even tried with port 19556...still no luck...pls help !!! ...

  72. i hav airtel 110bx1 router and port forwarding works with BitComet... :)

  73. Mr. Raman Can U please tell me how to configure static ip in beetel 110tc1 ADSL2+ router. Kindly mail to my email address:, I'll be thankful to you, if you do it for me.

  74. Can anyone tell me how to configure static nat in Beetel 110tc1 ADSL2+ Router.................

  75. i dont get NAT option even in am using beetel 220 BXI router..pls help

  76. Mr. Anonymous in Beetel 220BX1 there is no NAT option available. Either u need to upgrade its firmware or u need to shift to Beetel 110BX1. Speak to your ISP.

  77. Can anyone tell me that, how to configure static ip in Beetel 110tc1 modem. Unable to configure through static nat method. But it is working in bridge method. Please help me?

  78. I have just bought a laptop and I am considering getting an Airtel Wireless Connection for broadband unlimited internet connectivity for both the laptop and my PC. When I visit the Airtel website I notice that they have mentioned 4 different devices Airtel 3G, Edge, Micromax 300G and 200G. However, on speaking to the customer care, they mention Wifi 440 and 450. What is the difference between these and which one is most recommeded?

  79. does any body know how to set beetel 110 TC1 with Netgear WGR614v5 for wireless settings

  80. I just want to know how to set up Beetel ADSL 2+ router (from Airtel Broadband) 110TC1 with Belkin N wireless Router (F5D8233). I need the configuration to be done urgently as I need to service my clients ASAP. Thanks in advance for any help!

  81. i hv beetel 110tc1 modem, i need to forward port for utorrent.. which port shud i use or tell me how to forward my port thnx

  82. How does one disable remote configuration of a modem?

    Here is my setup:

    1. Beetel 110bxi connected to the Airtel ISP.
    2. My IP Address is dynamic.
    3. I have configured the modem with dynamic dns.
    4. I have done the port forwarding stuff.

    When I access the IP address from the internet, I see the dialog box where a user has to log in to configure the modem. I want this to be turned off (Don;t want the world to try to log in and change my modem settings). I am unable to find the option in the modem that needs to be selected / set to turn this off.

    Any thoughts? Aybody?

  83. Is it possible to configure static nat in Beetel 110TC1.
    I want to access my server through Internet on static Ip address.please revert on my mail

    Thanks in advanced

  84. @Saurabh you cannot assign a static IP to your router. This is because it is airtel who assigns the IP to the router, and you have no control over that.
    You can, however, use to assign a name to your router and then access your machine over the internet.

  85. mr. sanjay i want to make my computer into server for this i have wamp and airtel broadband connection router beetel 110tc1.and changed the ips in my router my computer)and make a site using after opening port 80. i still can't open my website on internet. when i put my address in browser it says adsl is up now close and try angain. it did it . but still i am not able to open my site on internet . please help me
    please do forward suggestion to my email-
    i need ur help