Friday, July 02, 2004

Main aisa kyun hoon

Finally saw Lakshya. Based on the Kargil war, I found the movie pretty decent to watch. For once, I didn't find performance by any actor exceptionally good or bad. Though I did feel that while amitabh bachchan looked good without his frenchie, he looked a bit old for the part of commanding officer.

There are two things that I liked about the movie. Firstly, the photography. There were some great scenes of the himalayas and the leh route. The scenery is beautiful. Then there is an exceptional sequence of rock climbing in the himalayas.
Second is the song Main aisa kyun hoon. While I have never been the biggest fan of the actor Hritik, I think he is one of the best dancers the industry has ever produced. The song and his dance on it has a freshness attached with it. And Hritik has not done badly with acting either.

Two points on the character of Preity Zinta. One .. Hritik runs away from military training. She says that she doesn't want to meet him again. Two .. she is engaged to another guy. She wants to go to Kargil but this guy doesn't want her to go. Guess what, she returns her engagement ring immediately and goes to Kargil. Is this what they call love?


  1. Nothing interesting released after Lakshya ... and I am not feeling like spending Rs. 150 on something promising to disappoint ;-)