Wednesday, May 04, 2005

A birthday and 2 movies

Going by my recent posting frequency, my life should have been either too boring or too busy to blog. On the contrary, life has been eventful in a good sense since some time with lots of events happening in the last few days.

It all started with a fantastic birthday on 1st, followed by back to back movies on 2nd and the 3rd. I got the maximum no of wishes this time around, from both family and friends (also got maximum no of gifts this time ;-) ). Considering the kind of introvert guy I am, its absolutely amazing to see how much networks I have got just because of the iitian tag. This also makes me notice how networking sites like orkut would become more and more important to lives.

Watched "XXX-2" on 2nd and "Mumbai Express" on 3rd. Movies of completely different genre, Both have a common "lacking great performance by lead actor". Ice Cube in XXX-2 had no sense of dialogue delivery while Kamal Hassan, though no doubt a great actor, do not have that kind of quality when it comes to comedy. His not-so-good hindi is also a big hindrance. I would still give both movies an average rating.

Another interesting incident that happened on 2nd was the lost and found of my mobile phone. I forgot my mobile on the restaurant table only to find half an hour later that it was missing. I had no hopes of getting it back but to my surprise, I got a call another half and hour later from a guy who took it to his home. I have been on a lucky streak after a long long time and I am enjoying it to the fullest.


  1. Many Many Happy Returns of the Day, although belated....


  2. happy birthday buddy. unfortunately this is the only way i could communicate with you from out here in the wilderness

  3. Thanks a lot to both ...
    After being here for more than a year now, The best comment I have for RPM is that its still the best team I ever worked in :-)
    And gullu, I really missed your blogs