Thursday, July 07, 2005

Time for Change

Its time for another career move. I remember more than an year ago when I was looking for a change, I had this huge discussion with a HR manager who thought that I do not really like to stick with a company for long. At that time, looking for a 3rd change in 2 years, I really couldn't blame her for thinking like that. My arguement at that point of time was that getting into the industry in a time when US and India were facing their biggest slump, I really didn't have much choice but to stick with whatever I had.

Today, getting prepared for my 4th change, my track record can still make any HR manager raise the same questions. However, I have hopes that the kind of profile I have been looking for all these years is finally coming along.
I have never been more optimistic and I hope things go as I want this time.

Tomorrow would be my last day in this office and then I would be off the technical world for a week. A 16km up the hill trip to Vaishno Devi awaits me next weekend and a new office after that.


  1. Good luck buddy, with whatever you do?

  2. All the best Shakti ... safalta aapke kadam choome ...

    and Jai Mata Di. :-)

    Sandeep Mehta

  3. Thanks Vishal and great to see you here Sandy :) ...
    Jai Mata Di