Monday, October 03, 2005

Indian official entry to Oscar is Paheli

I just couldn't believe my ears. When I wrote this post, not in my dreams had I thought that Black would not even be nominated for the coveted oscar. Anyone and his dog knows that paheli cannot win the oscar.
I really don't know what happens in those closed doors and I really cannot claim myself as an art critique but I certainly can call myself heart-broken as a Big B masterpiece goes down the drain.


  1. The reason 'Black' was not even nominated is it was copied from some Hollywood film..... I dont remember the name of the film but yes paheli is certainly not the right choice for oscars.

  2. I read a lot about this ... Also read an interview of one of those guys inside the closed doors ... and he said that 'Black' was discussed a lot, even after being so called copied from that Hollywood film whose name even I don't remember right now ...
    However, this arguement isn't enough ... first of all, as I know, it wasn't an exact copy, just on a similar idea. Second of all, a movie isn't only about story, and Big B was at his best here ... and in any case, Black was our best chance, sending Paheli is as good as not sending anything.
    I would like to know your name though.