Monday, November 21, 2005

Honesty and Pragmatism

As a child, we are taught to be honest, starting with all those stories of how a child admitted his mistake and was not punished ... Then as you grow up, you get to know how all this is termed foolish by the pragmatic world. Then you come to know that had the child not admitted his mistake, he would have anyways not got punished. You understand its better to give Rs. 50 to the traffic cop to avoid challan. And I am not talking being 'fraudi' here, just pragmatic.

I fail to understand why teach stuff which one has to unlearn anyways? Why should a parent teach something to his kid which neither he follows nor would he want his kid to follow in future?


  1. To develop his/her conscience.

  2. Agreed, but what kind of conscience are we trying to build? So that the child also feels guilty conscience after being dishonest. Isn't this worsening the situation. "Being pragmatic" would be better than "Being pragmatic and guilty conscience on the same". Remember "Not being pragmatic" is not even a solution.