Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Jodi No. 1

Guys this is official. Now that Govinda is into politics, David decided to be the hero himself ;-). "Dha wan and only one" is now "Jodi No. 1". Congrats to Anuj and Riha on their engagement.
I just can't wait for another dance in front of the horse :-)
Update 20/3/06 : Added another picture courtesy David. Me, Nagar and Singla with the couple.

PS: I hope Anuj will now have better pictures to put on his blog.


  1. Hey thats great news! I don't have Dhawan's email address right now ... can you mail it me.

  2. Amazing News! Congrats Anuj!!

    Sanjay, Shadi mein milte hain Delhi mein. Delhi trip has long been pending for me anyways.