Monday, March 13, 2006

The Rang de Basanti trip

Once, I and Meetu were to leave for Jaipur for the weekend. Kshitij and Nagar graciously offered to drop us till Bikaner House so that we can catch our bus. The bus tickets were bought but suddenly over talks and persuasion, they decided to drop us till jaipur :-). And after an overnight drive (done completely by Kshitij) and a memorable trip to Nahargarh the second evening, we had what I now call the Rang de Basanti trip.
Chronologically, this happened before the play event that I wrote before but It took me long time to get the pictures together and write this post.
What has this to do with Rang de Basanti? A lot of the amazing stills of the movie have been shot in the Nahragarh fort of Jaipur. We spent our saturday evening at these same spots and tried to recreate the magic that the movie had weaved around us.

On top of the world.

Socrates and Plato. Don't ask who's who ;-)

These two can replace Amir Khan and Sharman Joshi in the drinking competition that took place on the small platform in the backdrop. Again, don't ask who's Amir ;-)

Beautiful collage created by Meetu. He created another one as well but I didn't have enough space here for both.

Panaroma image created with mulitple pictures taken from my mobilecam and stitched using free software AutoStitch. It fell short a few pictures, but its amazing what technology can do these days.

Update 16-03-06: Changed the caption of the first image. The earlier caption was "Me taking on the city." This one looks better.


  1. amazing buddy !!!
    i seriously didn't know you are so creative....
    once again aisa lag raha hai ki maja aa gaya

  2. Really cool snaps !! Meetu you are too creative yar. I m proud of you.

  3. Thanks Shakti
    dil khush ho gaya ek baar phir photographs dekh kar...
    It made our trip more memorable:-)
    I guess we shud have more trips like these with some planning this time..

  4. Bhai Meetu (Anon), as ashu rightly said, creative to tum ho, I am just a blogger, more of a photo blogger these days.
    Sumeet, We always make plans but somehow are not able to execute them. Its difficult to break this inertia, I would be satisfied if we have another unplanned trip like this.

  5. Hi Shakti, Good to see you guys having a Rang-een time... and the pics of David and his better half(we have to think of a nick for her, should we? ) were also nice.

    Hope to see you in Del sometime.
    Sandeep Mehta

  6. Hey Sandy ... good to see you here ... typically the nick I have for friends' wives is bhabhiji :-) ... you could think of better ones ;-)
    Do tell when you are planning to be in Delhi.

  7. hi.. we are planning a trip to ladakh, some advice from you would be of great help. pls email your contact no. to

  8. @Mayuresh,
    Check out my post on my ladakh trip at

    You can also check out and