Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Reservation in Indian Cricket Team

I was reading a news where Makaya Ntini destroyed New Zealand and took South Africa to victory a few days ago. The same Ntini whose first inclusion in the team had raised voices that his selection was based on his being black rather than his performance.
He proved all those people wrong and the SA cricket board right. But what if Indian govt. makes a law of 50% reservation based on caste in the Cricket Team.

Now this isn't a stupid thought without reason. With the govt planning 50% reservation in all engineering and management schools including IITs and IIMs and also in private sector jobs, why should cricket be spared. After all it is also a job that till now only few people get after going through an extremely competitive route. And it also brings pride to the country, just like IITs and IIMs have brought so far. Only so far that is.

I remember during my JEE preparation days how University of Roorkee, despite being the oldest and one of the best universities in India was losing all its reputation as compared to IITs due to almost 50% reservation in its entry system. And I was so pleased when it became IIT Roorkee as that immediately brought it at par with the IITs with similar performance based entry system.

And for all those who think that the govt is helping the poor and oppressed class by increasing reservation quota, let me tell you that being studied, and made friends with a lot many of these guys in college, I know how many actually got helped or even needed this help at the first place. I can count them on fingers.

Building up reputation takes decades, ruining it is just a matter of a couple of years. Sone ki murgi ka pet nahi katna chahiye.

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