Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Sabka Katega

bodhiTree is talked about either because of "XL ki kudiyan" or for the unconventional lyrics in their songs. However, I feel that they have huge potential as a band and they should not restrict themselves to just another college band. I can understand that these people are MBA students from XLRI and a music career might be a huge risk to take. However, I am a big fan of bodhiTree and the only reason why I am not able to discuss their music with many people is their lyrics. Hence I feel that they should create some songs with conventional lyrics too if they want to get into mainstream music.

Here I write the lyrics of one of their song which I like the most and which preaches the eternal truth of life - Sabka Katega.

Din kate na raat kate na subah kate na shaam
dhoop hate na chav hate na gum hate na jaam
Dekho sabka katega, sabka katega raam
yuhin katta rahega, sabka katega raam

teri yaadon main kalki rain bitai thi
meri aankhon main phir se aas bhar aayi thi
shaakon se phoolon toote, raahon main jiske
dil dooba, namm hua pyaar main uske
pyaar ghate na yaad bade, yaad bade har saans
pyas main teri jaane kitne kaat chuka main jaam

jaise sabka katega, sabka katega yaar

phir se subah hogi, kabhi to tere dar par
phir se tere mann main, hum rahe har pal

kya hua jo jhooth kaha ki mujhe na tumse pyar
maan bhi jao kat jayega pyar main jeevan yaar

jaisa sabka katega, sabka katega yaar

So rememeber, you are not alone, sabka katega ;-)


  1. Very interesting. A king had once asked to summarize in one sentence all the spiritual wisdom of the universe. The anwer "This too shall pass". Your poetry reminds me of that.

  2. Hi Sanjay---can you please translate the lyrics to Sabka Katega. The songs sounds beautiful, but I do not understand hindi. THANK YOU!!!!


  3. Rani, these lyrics can only be understood, not translated :P ...
    It has lots of college slangs, I have been thinking a lot ever since you wrote this comment, but I haven't been able to.
    Ask your hindi speaking friend

  4. Hey dude.....It seems like the guy who wrote the lyrics of this song might have gone through a similar phase in his life....Any clue what happened to him....Did their paths finally crossed as he wishes in the beginning of the song?