Tuesday, October 23, 2007


After being in software industry for almost 5.5 years, I am on my first official trip to US. I must have created a new record of not visiting US even after being in software industry for such a long time.

Ever since college, my friends have been telling me that if I ever visit US, I would not experience any jet lag as my sleep and work times are more closer to US timezone. Now I see that there is some truth in these claims as I have been able to recover from jet lag in less than a day.

Here's how it went:
1. Friday late night 1 AM - I take the Delhi-Amsterdam flight. Its an 8 hr flight. I sleep around 2-3 AM.
2. Reach Amsterdam at 6 AM local time (9 AM IST). There is a 5 hr stoppage time. I am feeling really sleepy so I sleep at the airport. Wake up at 10 AM (1 PM IST) and then catch the flight at 11.
3. 10.5 hrs flight to San Francisco. Have had slept enough, I pass time watching 3 movies (Mr. Bean Holiday, Harry Potter and the order of Pheonix, Spiderman 3.
4. Reach SFO at 2. Ankit picks me up. Am fine this around 6. Then I start feeling really sleepy. Its 6:30 AM IST, so if I were in India, this would have been a night out.
5. The next few hours are difficult. Getting really sleepy but can't, I am still moving around with my friends. I finally sleep at 11.
6. Wake up in the morning at 9 AM, fully refreshed. The jet lag is over.

Went to 17 mile drive yesterday. Its a drive along the pacific ocean and has some great views. More on that in the next post.


  1. Strange co-incidences ...

    My first visit was in March this year. So, even if I count from just after my graduation (May 2001), I still beat you by a little bit! Actually, I did not even have a passport till Feb this year ... working for an American software company for six years without even possessing a passport ... now thats the real record to beat :)

    I had gone down to Pebble Beach/17 Mile Drive on my trip as well and it really was nice. The drive down from the bay area to Monterey etc. is really very nice.

    How long are you going to be there? Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  2. Everytime I come close to a record, there is someone right besides me who has done better (or worse) :D
    Yeah I went to the same drive, it was great.
    I am here for a month. Hope to see more places in that time.