Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tujhe sab hai pata hai na Maa

I have recently developed a liking for this song. Makes me think how internally we are all fallible. No matter how many coats of toughness do we wear, at some point we are all vulnerable, desiring emotional support from our nears and dears.

मैं कभी बतलाता नही, पर अंधेरे से डरता हूँ मैं माँ,
यूं तो मैं दिखलाता नही, तेरी परवाह करता हूँ मैं माँ
तुझे सब है पता है ना माँ
तुझे सब है पता मेरी माँ

Also, makes me wonder why I need to tell our nears and dears on how I feel about them. Why can't they just see how important are they in my life.
तुझे सब है पता है ना माँ.

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