Friday, January 09, 2009

Upgrading iPhone from 1.1.4 to 2.2

It has been quite some time since version 2.0 was released for iPhone 2G. Even though I thought of upgrading many times before, I couldn't due to following reasons:
  • The sites I used for unlocking 1.x versions didn't provide any info for 2.x, and I didn't feel like googling.
  • I wasn't sure whether my data could be backed up.
  • While info on unlocking a fresh iPhone was available, I couldn't really find anything on upgrade.
  • Most tools I found were Mac based.
Now that I did put enough time on google on this and successfully upgraded, here is how I did it:
  • Before starting, this article is strictly for iPhone 2G (i.e. the first phone Apple launched) using Windows.
  • All your data would be restored to the phone after the upgrade, so you need not worry about losing anything.
  • The process is applicable on both upgrading and setting up a fresh iPhone.
  • This would both jailbreak and unlock the iPhone. If you don't know what jailbreaking is, you need not worry.
  • Standard Disclaimer: Unlocking the iPhone voids its warranty. If you don't want that, don't do it. Of course, if you have the 2G iphone in India then its useless without unlocking.
What didn't work - This tutorial using WinPwn. Probably because I missed a few instructions. In any case, WinPwn doesn't 2.2 as of now.

What worked - This tutorial using QuickPwn. Time needed - 25 mins.

Why should you upgrade? iPhone Apps. Check out all the new apps that are available in iTunes store. I have already installed more than 20 (all free) and they greatly enhance the ability of iPhone.

Trouble Shooting (some steps I tried while giving phone support to friends who had issues upgrading)
  • Check that the restore file you downloaded is not corrupt. You can do it by finding the md5sum of the file. It should be 3603b5d9536cd0b269261cab406a7c38. To find out the md5sum, download from here.


  1. hi Sanjay,

    i have iphone and i have no idea about is it 1G,2G or 3G, how can i check that !! we got it from london and now i hv got it unlocked here. its running on 1.1.4 firmware....and i am using itunes 8. but i am not able to see application tab on my i have no idea how to sync application to there any solution !!! is my id.. thanks..

  2. Hi Bhavik,
    If its running 1.1.4, then it is iPhone 2G, as 3G runs on 2.x. 3G phones also have GPS. You can see photos here
    1.1.4 does not support applications, you would need to upgrade as per this post to get applications.