Monday, January 31, 2005

A lost purpose

So far, most of my posts here have been random ramblings. This makes me think what exactly did I have in mind when I started this blog. Or did I even have anything in mind at all.

The title says it all. I have this philosophy of Preach and Learn (which is slightly different from the learn and preach philosophy). I am usually a very confident guy thinking that everything I say is correct to the fullest extent. So, as per the philosophy, I wanted to share all the knowledge I have. While "Omniscience" is the ultimate goal, the primary purpose of the blog is to share whatever little I know.

However, my confidence has been shaking of late making this blog failing on its purpose. The only posts that I could qualify to an extent in tune with the blog were those few movie reviews I wrote long ago. However, watching just 3 movies in past 3-4 months certainly explains the lack of such reviews of late.

Now, I need to re-group my confidence and wish to give this blog back its lost purpose. I have certain plans, lets see.


  1. For starters check out Page-3, I would be interested in your comments on it.

  2. I guess by the time I see it, it would be too old for comment ... I went for it but had to see kisna instead :-(

  3. on purpose .. well, i just started bollging with a purpose of putting my thoughts in a more concrete form; one that i refer to a few days/months/years back and say that well, so this is where i am coming from; these are the issues i have faced and resolved and this is how i have eveolved (heavy stuff!!) ... but seriously, i think that blogging just to give a shape to ur thoughts is a gud enuff purpose ... its another way of thinking aloud :)

  4. You are right sharad ... blogging just to shape ur thoughts is a good enough purpose ... and my philosophy of "Preach and Learn" also more or less means same as this.
    Howvever, its like giving the draft version of your btp report to the evaluation committee ... judgement based on this can be disastrous.