Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Posts that could have been here

This has happened a lot many times* now. I start writing a post, getting lost in between and end up either deleting it or closing the browser by accident.

While I feel sorry about those posts now, this indicate the privacy issues I have been thinking on lately. This blog ,even though it has a limited audience, is a public place and anything I write could be screened by someone to make judgments on my personality. Considering the fact that I am not a good writer, infact never been a writer at any place apart from this, this does makes me feel insecure.
Agreeing with Gullu's Biased Estimator post, I feel that there is a mood associated with blogging. Blogs only reflect this mood of the author and this certainly is not his true identity.

* My blogging frequency is less than 5 posts a month. Hence, if an event happens more than once or twice in 2-3 weeks, that qualifies as a "lot of times" to me.

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