Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Dilbert RSS Feed not working

There used to be a tapestry which looks like this. It provided rss feeds to various comics, most notable being Dilbert. But the link is broken since Feb 20. Some google search reveals a Feb 15 post in Boing Boing

In a moment of mindboggling, unreasonable blinkered pig-ignorance, United Syndicate has decided that this somehow constitutes an infringement of its copyright -- that's right, reading an RSS feed of their stuff, using Internet Explorer, violates their copyright. They've nastygrammed the creator of Comics for Media Center and he's shut his project down

Here's another post by Chris
RSS supporters, watch out. The feed you are reading might be next.

Looks like tapestry has also fallen victim to United Media. I am not a happy man today.

Update: this blockquote thing is not working as expected. Will fix it later.

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