Thursday, February 10, 2005

Tools: Image Viewer

Mirror mirror on the wall,
which is the best image viewer of them all

No two minds about this, its irfanview.

This killer app has everything that a non-graphic professional will ever need in his life. Support for every image format on earth, ability to convert between various image types, resize, resample, crop, batch resize, batch rename, reducing colours (changing to greyscale etc.), scanner support, all this and more packed in a meagre 800 Kb setup. Try opening any large image file, and you will know why this freeware gives any commercial tool like acd see a run for money.

Continuing on my purpose of blog post, I have decided to share information about some of the software tools I use that may be useful to others. This post is the first in this regards, All such posts will have a title starting with "Tools:"


  1. I have one feature request for Irfanview - remembering the zoom level as while browsing through images in a directory. In the linux world, GQView is the best and Irfanview could borrow a feature or two from it.

  2. I have the display setting as "Fit only big images to window" which has sufficed all my needs till now. Maybe because most images I have are large enough and zoom is not required.
    Linux has always had some of the best killer apps with features that windoz users still thrive to get. Tools like grep, nmap and wget have always been my favourite. Infact no windoz app comes even close to emacs and vi in terms of features.
    No wonder I have cygwin installed on my win2k machine.