Monday, September 19, 2005

Being Vulnerable

The game of bridge has this concept of vulnerability ... As soon as you win a game, you become vulnerable, so stakes for winning and losing the next game increase, i.e. you get more points if you win a subsequent game and you lose much more if you lose.
Life is more of an opposite ... here stakes go high when you lose something ... One big loss and you lose lots of confidence and every single subsequent loss, however small it might be, makes you lose even more confidence ... And then it starts reflecting in other stuff that is not related to the original loss.
I was taught in a soft skill training that emotions arising due to one issue shouldn't be taken out on something unrelated ... we may make ourselves strong enough to do that ... But though there may not be a direct impact, it certainly leaves me vulnerable.


  1. Wow!I was randomly searching blogs on the net and ran into a whole group of Ex-Kumaonites.

    Wanna guess who I am? :)

  2. At first I thought you were spam ... beats me now.

  3. Well, I would have remained anonymous if all I wanted to do was spam.

    Here's a clue: I passed out in 2002.

  4. so did I ... must be one of those in the us ... can't figure out more than that ... but you don't really look like a 2002 passout.

  5. There was more than your "batch" that passed out in 2002 :)

  6. still beats me ... unless you are married