Thursday, September 08, 2005

iPod nano launched

Its amazing how fast things change ... Apple launched iPod nano today which is iPod mini + colour screen + photo storage + even smaller and slimmer + same price.

These guys have even removed the link to iPod mini from the website. I don't feel that proud anymore.


  1. Guess what? I bought the iPod and they merged the iPod and iPod photo product lines :(. Kind of makes u feel cheated especially when the price remains the same. It has a very simple economic explanation, by introducing a basic model first you induce the early adopters to buy a product. When you have exhausted the set of early adopters, you either reduce the price or add more features to attract other customers.

  2. I fully agree ... this also puts that age old paradox back in mind that if one wants to buy a electronic gadget or a computer, delay as much as possible as these things get better and cheaper with time ... the catch 22 is that this way one would never own a gadget.