Saturday, December 17, 2005

Life should be easy

I believe that the basic stuff should always be easy to do so that one can concentrate on advanced stuff. But look at even the basic stuff of life, you move around in night and you catch cold, you eat a little extra and you get fat. Just maintaining a healthy body is the toughest task of the world. Add to it the little hobbies you want to pursue and see how much effort one has to put in each.
I remember at one of those corporate sessions, I was asked what I would I change if I was god. I said, I would give people the ability to pursue what they want, freed from all the unwanted responsibilities of their life.
Most people don't even know what they want to pursue in life and which way their life is going. But I don't blame them. The complexity of life is not easy to handle.


  1. thats exactly my point. Their should not be a mechanism to get the basic stuff, it should simply be there for you.
    Citing your example, How many people here workout regularly? Working out is not an easy task to even fit in the schedule of an ordinary salaried worker, and forget even that, why should I workout when I dont want to? I don't want to be arnold with a long surname, just want to be a normal healthy person, now this is a basic need, so the efforts needed to achieve this should be minimum.

    I have always found day to day life difficult, but maybe its because geekiness comes in a package.

    btw, good to see you here.

  2. dost ...

    i was giving some thoughts on similar lines ... read my last few posts on integrity and see if u can make any sense of what i m trying to say ....

  3. Good man, the no. of different people commenting here has increased a lot in the past few days ... I am a happy man :)
    I have been following your blog regularly, but it will take me some time some come in terms with your style of writing. I ain't no Ayn Rand reader you see ;-)

  4. I think my statement shouldn't be taken in the wrong way ... infact to protect one's privacy, most bloggers write in a cryptic way and thus every reader makes out different meanings from it. Nothing wrong with it in my opinion.
    I generally understand Sharad's posts well and this time too I am getting some message, only thing is that its vague and I am not able to think it over (right now anyways I am not able to think over anything)
    Anyways, good thing about friends is that you can get away with such statements ;-)