Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Happy New Year

So many thoughts, so less words and even less time. Last year was a pretty balanced one, delivering the best of professional life experiences and the worst of personal life experiences at the same time. But hasn't life always been like that.

I want my life to be a decaying sinusoidal curve, slowing moving towards a stable equilibrium. Ever since I started writing there, I feel that I have been constantly moving closer to it. This is enough reason for me to be satisfied and hopefully that future will be good.

Hope all you people reading this never lose hope. Happy New Year.


  1. Happy New Year buddy.

    On the point of a decaying sinusoid, you know what an equilibrium would mean? - You don't want to get there too soon.

  2. I was thinking on this after writing the post ... I agree with you ... Maybe what I want is a sine square curve.
    Or maybe not, because even a state of all happiness is boring. Life is exciting because of its peaks and troughs, an equilibrium would mean the end of it.
    But thinking from another angle, equilibrium also means quick resolution of problems and a content life from a broader angle. When I can say that life in general has always been good.
    Infact I can say that now too ;-) ... I know this comment has been kind of oxymoron but thats because it will take me more time to understand what I want.

  3. Don't think too much about life. Just keep writing and enjoy life and its myriad experiences :-)

    Wishing you a GREAT New Year ahead with lots of success, happiness and loads of cash; not necessarily in the same order!


  4. May you get whatever it is that you want.

  5. Thanks a lot Sumanta and Gullu. and Sumanta, I am eagerly waiting to read another post by you.

  6. wow, almost simultaneous comments from me and hemu. Thanks dude.