Sunday, July 23, 2006

Back to the unblocked state

So this hasn't been as bad as earlier. Around 2.5-3 years ago, Indian govt. had asked the ISPs to block a certain yahoo group, and the ISPs ended up blocking the whole yahoo groups website itself (deja vu anyone). That block lasted for more than a month. Thankfully this time around, its been only a few days.
While most people do not even remember the above mentioned event, it was good to see that this time around, people used legal ways (one guy asked for clarification under RTI act, another one filed a PIL) to counter this irresponsible step.
Also check out this satirical post by greatbong.

At the same time, another point that one of my friends raises is the indirect effects of terrorism. How many times has it happened that you go to a mall/theatre and get annoyed by the extra security checks. Or talking a walk late at night and constables start questioning you about your intentions. Or this particular case, when thousands of blogs got blocked in India. Several of those blogs would have been revenue sources for their owners. Lots of those blogs had technical articles that help me in my work. This shows how blasts in mumbai can effect work of a software engineer in delhi or revenues of an american guy in California.
I am yet to see terrorism providing any tangible benefits to anyone.

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