Thursday, July 20, 2006

This blog is blocked !!

So here's the story ... Yesterday, I completed 1 year in my current company. I thought about writing a post, but somehow this blog wouldn't open. Then I tried opening gullu's blog but that wouldn't open either. Neither would Anurag's.

Looked like blogger has been down for maintenance. I checked out Blogger Status, but that doesn't show any planned outages/network down for maintenance. Day ends, I come back home, try opening my blog again but it still doesn't open. How big can be an outage?

Today I get to read about this on newspaper (It rarely happens that I get to know technical news via newspapers). But what!!! blogspot is banned in India. What the !@#$%^&. How could this be true???

So India is now in the proud league of Pakistan and Iran. Check out Pkblogs It asks on top

Is your blog blocked in India, Pakistan, Iran or China?

Yes it is. Well, is there a lawyer out there who can tell me how to sue the govt. for its irresponsible actions?

For the time-being, access this blog via this link(I know it's a catch 22 situation, but there is nothing much I can do). I would soon write a complete post on how to circumvent all such situations.

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