Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Setting up Wireless Router with Airtel modem Beetel 200BX

I just bought myself a Netgear WGR614 wireless router. I have heard that configuring wireless routers are pretty easy these days and any non-techy home user can do it easily. While this is a correct statement for most of the cases, unfortunately setting with a wireless router with Airtel broadband in India isn't straight-forward. Also, Airtel customer care helps you with installation the router only if you buy the router from them, which is of almost double cost of what is available in the market and also not of a standard company like Netgear or Linksys.

Without any further comments, here are the steps to make any DSL wireless router to work with Airtel modem Beetel 220BX.

  • Make sure that you know the user name and password for the airtel ISP. This is the username and password that the airtel customer care filled in when configuring your router for the first time and asked you to write it somewhere. The username is your phone no (including the std code).
  • Setting up Beetel 220BX in bridge mode.
    • Open url in browser.
    • Login using your airtel modem's username and password. Default login and password are admin and password.
    • Click on link LAN in the left screen.
    • On the right screen, click on disable DHCP server. Now click on save.
    • On the left screen, click on WAN.
    • On the right screen, you see a single service listed called PPPoE. Click on Edit.
    • Now click on Bridge Mode (the last option). Click Next few times and then save.
    • Now you will be back to the first screen with the service listed as bridge. Click on Save/Reboot. This will reboot your modem. Wait for 2 mins for complete reboot to happen.
    • This completes the configuration for the modem. Now the regular steps as per the wireless router follows.
  • Now switch off your modem, your wireless router and your computer.
  • Connect the LAN wires as described by the wireless router manual. Basically the modem's LAN output goes into the router's input. And router's output goes into your computer's LAN card.
  • Switch on the modem. Wait for 2 min until its fully started up. Now power on the router. Wait for it to fully start too. Finally turn on your computer. This order is very important. If you are not able to open the url in the next step, this is where you might be at mistake.
  • Open the url of your wireless router configuration as specified in its manual. In case of Netgear, it's Default login and password are admin and password.
  • It will detect your connection as PPPoE. Put the username and password that you saved in the first step above (the airtel ISP). Keep service name as empty. Keep idle timeout as 0.
  • Configure your wireless settings and switch on the wireless service.
  • Setup is complete. Enjoy :-).  And now that your wireless internet is working, why not check out my venture - One stop travel guide to India :-)
For more technical people, the airtel modem acts as router and DHCP server too. Putting the modem in bridge makes it only act as a modem and not as a router and DHCP server. Your wireless router is now the new router and DHCP server. So now points to your wireless router and you will not be able to access the modem's admin screen any more.
Also in case, you have done port forwarding or created any virtual hosts or any such stuff on your modem, you will need to do them in the wireless router now.

Update 12/12/2006: This tutorial and my answer pertaining to setting up wireless router with airtel has been chosen as the best answer on Yahoo Answers.
Update 5/2/2007: In case you get stuck, check out the comments of this post, particularly this and this. I haven't verified these though.
Update 12/6/2007: On popular demand, I have written an article to configure port forwarding on the airtel modem here.


  1. This is really great....

  2. Thanks a lot! This worked for my Linksys WTR54GC Wireless router as well.

  3. Hi Sanjay, i bought the same router and did all the steps but at the setting.htm i am stuck, even entering the static enteries and auto detect ip and dns, it is not working for me. r u available on any messenger? i need your help...

  4. anon,
    send me a mail at goel dot shakti at gmail dot com with details and screenshots of your screens and I'll let you know a convenient time for chat.

  5. Dude, this is really awesome stuff. I didn't know configuring wireless routers is such a pain. The BT wireless connection that I have here just worked out of the box and the router came at half the cost of what I could have bought myself.

  6. Gullu,
    Its isn't very far off before wireless connections become out of the box and the obvious choice in this part of the world too.
    Infact I have heard rumors of many projects of turning noida Wi-Fi. But again, just like the Flyovers and the Metro, no idea when it will be completed :(

  7. can you pls check something for me ?
    I too have an airtel connection. However I run a ftp server.

    Is there a way to forward a port to one of my computers on the lan (static ip say via the router ? What i want to confirm is whether I can access the net with this specific setup.

    Thanks for taking the time.

  8. Yes ashish, very much possible. And yes, u will be able to access the net after that too. Port Forwarding is really easy. You can port forward on your beetel modem using its admin screen However, if you are using another router alongwith the modem (which I guess u are as you have a LAN), in that case, you will have the do this in that router's admin screen.
    I am already in progress for writing a tutorial for port forwarding in airtel, but u can also find some tutorial on google.
    Send me a mail if you run into issues.

  9. You are right that port forwarding is easy, however I have an experience to share with you.

    Earlier, I had a 220bx manufactured in march 2005. It forwarded ports properly, i was able to access my servers from the net. Now I have already tried 4 beetel 220bx, 3 manufactured in june 2006, and one in aug 2006 ( my old one died) . NONE of them forwards ports. Although in the settings under NAT it shows that ports are forwarded, it doesn't work. I borrowed a friend's 220 bx ( manufactured in 2005, don't remember which month) and again my servers worked properly with my friend's modem. That's why I am a bit sceptical, as companies advertise a feature, but sometimes it doesn't work.
    That's why I thought of asking you to try it out once on your setup, and if it works, i would plonk the money for the WGR614.

  10. Ashish,
    I have done port forwarding for utorrent and Age of Empires using my 220bx modem before and it worked well.
    I have also done port forwarding for utorrent in the 220bx + WGR614v6 setup and that worked fine too.
    Setting up the ftp server should be no different.
    I think u can always get your modem changed by airtel if it doesn't work as advertised.

  11. As you can see from my post, i know how to do it. The modems manufactured recently have the problem ( i have tried 4 of them ) whereas those manufactured in 2005 work fine.
    Airtel gave me the replacement modems( that's how I have tried 4), and finally gave up, saying they are only concerned about the internet connectivity. If the CPE doesn't have advanced features, then too bad !

    I just wanted to know if the linksys WGR614 has any problems.
    Thanks for showing the concern though. If possible, just run any server once and try connecting through a proxy, if you have the time. Else, i think from your post it is evident that it works as advertised.

  12. thanx a lot sanjay... was trying to configure this for da past 2 days... u da man!!!!

  13. Anon, you are welcome :-)
    In the process of shifting my house, I lost my 220bx modem. So, its gonna take some time before I get a new one and get my airtel connection working again.
    I'll check this out once that is done.

  14. Hi Sanjay,

    I'm currently using Airtel Broadband using Beetel 220BX modem. My PC also has ZoneAlarm Pro software firewall installed and running realtime.

    When I did a scan at and; and both of these sites flagged the ports 21 (FTP), 23 (TELNET) and 80 (HTTP) as open. As per these sites, all 3 ports should be blocked and stealthed to prevent security vulnerabilities.

    PS: Prior to using 220BX, I was on USB ADSL modem, and any firewall security scan passed off showing all ports as Stealthed.

    Thinking this to be an issue with ZoneAlarm, I unistalled it and re-installed it; but with no changes to the port scan ratings. I also wrote to ZoneAlarm support; and they replied back that since I'm using ADSL modem/router, the scan at grc or auditmypc is only reflective of the scan at modem/router; and none of the scan requests did reach ZoneAlarm. They also instructed me to talk to the ISP or go thru the modem manual to block these open ports.

    Any help in blocking these ports at modem/router end?

    Thanks in advance,


  15. You could have as well done...Airtel router and Linksys LAN-LAN configuration :) works great

  16. HI Sanjay!!Previously I used to have local internet and I was successfully configured the Internet with my D-Link DI-524 router, Recently I shifted to airtel broadband connection , I am unable to set it to my router, I follwed all the instructions which you have mentioned earlier, Kindly suggest me what to do, Thanks in adnvance.

    Than you

  17. @rj:
    all these 3 ports are open by 220bx. You must have noticed that the airtel broadband configuration is done through url ... This url is basically the open port 80 on 220bx. It is already protected with a username and password (you should change the default password).
    Similarly port 23 is telnet is also used for configuring the router and is also protected by the same username and password. I don't think port 21 is needed.
    You don't really need to block these ports (80 should not be blocked at all), as long as you change the default password for admin user, you would be safe.

    You are right. This article is applicable on any router, not just wireless router. Thanks for pointing out :-)

    Tell me where exactly where in the steps did u got stuck.

  18. Do I need to use the install CD that comes with netgear router or are the steps given by you enough??

  19. @nirjhar: You don't need the install CD. Infact, the install CD doesn't work with this configuration which they call as advanced :-D.

  20. @Sanjay.

    So, what I have to do is do the bridge thingy on beetel, then follow the steps given on your page?

    Can you tell me how to restore my original settings if something goes wrong while following the steps given by you? i.e. How do I restore the settings prior to doing the bridge thingy stuff?

    Thank you for your time and patience.

    I have been trying for a month to setup my compaq wifi inbuilt laptop with netgear wireless router without any success.

    Hence, the apprehension!!

  21. Nirjhar,
    If anything goes wrong, remove the router, connect the modem directly to laptop as before and configure again as your airtel customer care guy did the first time.
    There are some options to backup and restore too but I find that more troublesome. If you want, you can check out those settings at (before connecting the router i.e.)

  22. @Sanjay, After bridging thingy, when I restarted the computer and did the modem, router thingy in the order you specified.

    Then I tried to logon to the netgear router using

    I failed to logon to the router. Any idea why I am not being able to access the netgear router?

    What am I doing wrong. All the 4 lights on beetel modem are on, the netgear router shows power, wifi, internet, lan light on.

    Then what is the problem? Please help.

  23. Nirjhar, did u start them in the right order? Switch off your modem, router and computer. Now switch on your modem first, wait for it to start fully, then ur router and then the computer.
    After that, Try ping from cmd line. It should reply. Then the router url should work.

  24. I resetted my netgear router by pressing the reset button. After that I redid your steps.

    That did it. Now, I can access the net using the netgear router.

    Having said that, now my compaq v2623ts laptop is acting up. It is not able to switch on the inbuilt wifi feature.

    When I click the wifi button on the laptop nothing happens.

    I think my wifi is faulty. I may have to take my laptop to the compaq guys to have it checked out for faults.

    Dang it. When I finally am able to get my netgear router to work, my wifi feature of my laptop starts acting up!!

    Why does God hate me so much??

    heh heh....

    life sucks....

  25. Hi Sanjay,
    Thanks for mentioning these steps as I was not able to proceed with the steps mentioned by netgear.

    I did all the steps you have mentioned for my netgear router with beetel modem for airtel. Everything worked fine. I was able to connect using wifi. But when I try to open any site from browser it failed. When I do ipconfig it shows my ip and other things look fine. I'm not sure what needs to be done. I have followed all your steps and have started the modem/router/pc in the same sequence.

    - DR

  26. DR,
    if you reached till the last step, the netgear setup should be complete.
    on ipconfig /all, check the ipaddress, dhcp server, gateway etc. The IP should be starting with 192.168 ... dhcp, dns, gateway should be the router's IP Address( in most cases)
    try pinging the router. If it replies, try pinging or the airtel server IP if u have it. If that pings too, try pinging
    If any of this doesn't work, there would be some misconfiguration in the netgear router management screen.

  27. Thanks for your reply. I have done all the steps. All the things are fine. It's able to ping the modem nd shows the corect ip and other settings. Only it's not able to ping the airtel server. Is there any thing specific which needs to be done which you might have overlooked in the steps you have mentioned? I have already invested so much time in this and felling frustated.

  28. DR,
    send me a screenshot of your router management screen on my email id. My email id is listed in my first comment.

  29. Hey..I was able to resolve it. I tried again by resetting the router to the factory settings and did the configuration again. This time I was able to see the automatic configuration page of the router. Earlier I din't see that page and did all the configuration manually. Now it's working fine.

    Thanks for your help. Without steps you have mentioned in this blog I wouldn't have been able to do it. Thanks a lot. You are doing a great job by helping others. I really appreciate it.

    - DR

  30. I just followed your method and it worked like a charm. I used a DLink 524 wifi router with the Beetel 220 bx on airtel broadband. Thanks

  31. Hi there i hope u can help me out fixing my prob

    I have airtel dsl connection and beetel 220BX modem, i also have installed netgear wireless router wgr14v6 for my internal network, i access dsl router by , and my netgear router page by, i've DHCP enabled for my internal network,
    Now i want to forward port no say 50234, SO i add service in beetel setup page and forwarded it to router's ip),

    Now i've also forwared this port from netgear router to system's IP say , but i dont know what i'm doing wrong in it as i'm not able to forward the port please help me what to do

  32. Amit,
    If you have configured your 220bx modem in bridge mode to work with netgear router, then you need not do any port forwarding at the modem end. Infact, you should not need to access the modem admin screen at all. This is because in bridge mode, the modem acts only as a modem (i.e. forward packets to router), while in regular mode, it acts as both a modem and a router.

    Port forwarding should be done only at the router end ... check out for that.

    Second part is that this IP which you forward to need to be static in the internal network. Hence IP to this machine on which u want to forward the port should not be assigned by DHCP, because that ways the IP will change the next time u reboot the machine.

    Let me know if this helps.

  33. Hi again sanjay,

    No i havn't enabled bridge mode in beetel router tha's why i was forwarding my port to both routers (beetel and netgear), but seems not working , what i'm doing wrong in it,

  34. Amit,
    Can you tell in detail how have you configured your modem and router?
    The only way I know to configure the airtel modem with wireless router is using the bridge mode as I wrote in this article.
    Tell me your configuration so that I can advise you on port forwarding on that.

  35. SETUP FOR beetel 220bx

    Wide Area Network (WAN) Setup

    VPI/VCI ,Service, Protocol, State 1/32 br_1_32, PPPoE Enabled

    Lan Setup

    IP add -

    DHCP Server enabled
    Start ip address

    And settings for my netgear router are

    Gateway IP

    These are my settings for both the routers
    hope this clear things , now how to forward port plz tell me

  36. Amit,
    I don't have my airtel modem with me these days so I can't play around with your configuration.
    If there any particular reason for you to not use the configuration I explained in this article. If not, I would suggest you to follow steps of my article and then do port forwarding on the router.
    Otherwise, send me a mail and whenever I have my modem back, I'll try to use your configuration and respond back.

  37. Ok no a prob, thanx for sparing the time for me , i'll try to change my router setup


  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. Chillax buddy , read my post again n be happy , let's be frendz

  40. There is an easier way to configure your router to the Airtel beetel 220BX.

    My hardware:
    1) Airtel beetel 220bx modem
    2) Linksys WRT54G router (4 port + wireless)

    The problem:
    In default IP of both the beetel modem and the linksys box is Hence, as soon as you take the ethernet cable from the modem to your router + take a cable from router to your computer, your Internet stops working.


    1) Leave the beetel modem in the mode that was configured by your Airtel technician i.e. leave it in DHCP modem with PPoE username/pwd configured on it. Make no changes here.
    2) Connect your new wireless router to the beetel modem. Please connect to the WAN port (often labeled Internet) on the router

    3) Connect a cable from the router to your computer.

    4) Go to the admin screen of your router i.e. (look at your manual/accompanying literature for username and password). Its generally admin/admin

    5) Change the IP address of your router to (i.e. anything but the IP of the beetel box). Save and reboot..

    6) Voila .. stuff works without any bridging et al.

  41. Sanjay, just wanted to say Thanks for this HowTo article! My wife is Indian (I'm Irish but we live in the US) and she is in India right now at her parents' place. She and her cousins were struggling to try to get things to work and calling me for tech support which is tough to do thousands of miles away. I found your article and sent the link to them and they were up and running in no time! So thanks a lot for saving me from using up all the minutes on my phone card just to give them tech support!

  42. Breandan, I am glad I could help :-)

  43. Dear Sanjay,

    Thank you very much for the suggestions as it worked for my Linksys wireless router.

    Is there any extra steps to be taken to connect to the BSNL Type1 DSL Modem, please let me know.


  44. Manjunath,
    I haven't seen the admin screen of BSNL modem. But the steps should be similar.

  45. Hi Sanjay, your procedures for setting up Netgear and Airtel is helpful. I followed those instrcutions, but for the 220BX beetel with newer patch or firmware upgrades the steps are slightly different.

    As with most ISPs in India, they don't provide assistance in setting up your wireless devices. Hence these steps might help.

    When you log into 220BX Beetel using, click on Wan-Setup. This will show you the default settings as: 1/32, br_1_32, PPPoE, Enabled, Up/Down, box, EDIT.

    When you notice this profile, click EDIT. After this, navigate through the windows by clicking next, in the connection type window select 'Bridging' as the type. Keep everything else unchanged in the following windows. This will now change your settings to the bridging mode addressed by Sanjay. Then follow instructions given by Sanjay.

    * Plz note I presume these settings apply for devices that have a new firmware update for 220BX, since there is a difference in the User Interface in my case. Since I was given this firmware update, as I encountered some problems while my airtel account was being installed.

  46. I used these steps and they worked. However an anonymous post on this page here seems to be the best way to solve the problem:

    I simply changed the IP of my wireless router and everything worked. There was no eed to do bridging , etc.

  47. Anon,
    I already linked that comment directly from my post.
    However, while this seems as the easiest way to solve the problem, it isn't the best.
    This setup will not work if you want to setup port forwarding on your modem. A practical example when u need this is when u want to play Age of Empires over the internet.
    But it might well be the easiest setup for most of the users out there. I didn't get a chance to try it out though.

  48. Thanks a lot Sanjay for all the info, but things are not working for me.

    Just bought WRT54G and connected with Beetel 220 BX Airtel. Physical wiring connections are fine. I have limited tech knowledge. Not sure what the final settings should be for the setup to be working.

    1. What LAN Settings?
    In Windows Control Panel > Nework Connections> Local Area Connection in TCP/IP properties I have the "Use the following IP address:" and "Use the following DNS Server addresses:" selected, with IP address and other info filled in. This is the way it is setup to connect thru Beetel alone. Does this have to be changed to "Obtain and IP address automatically" and "Use the final DNS Server addresses."

    2. What Router settings? Static IP or DHCP?

  49. EduAsh,
    1. LAN settings are needed when u are connecting ur comp with ur router using a LAN cord. For wireless LAN settings, in Network Connections, check out Wireless Network Connection. Though you need not make any changes there. Factory settings work.
    Even for wired LAN, Both "obtain automatically" and actual filled in values work. Though you can use the "obtain automatically" settings if you are not sure what values to fill.
    2. I didn't get where do u need to modify the router setting. Factory settings work, which should be DHCP.

  50. Sanjay,

    I am using a wire from router to PC. It says WRT54G ver. 7 at the bottom and when I run the setup CD the default is not DHCP but Static IP. Thus I had entered all the info it asked for.

    I reset the router via reset-button for 20 secs and ran CD again and same. But this time I selected DHCP and not the default static IP. Then I tried the other shortcut-suggestion which is set to but that does not seem to get me the internet. Connection and lights are okay but does not open site. Followed your suggestion about powering devices in order etc. Have you been able to get this shortcut-suggestion to work fine?

    My worry about changing the Beetel to "bridge" is that if things get messed up and I have to use the Beetel alone (no router) will there be issues? Will I have to change settings back? Again I am rather limited in tech.

    Thanks for your time and your blog.

  51. EduAsh,
    If your bridge mode setup doesn't work, you can connect the modem directly to the computer and revert the settings as they were first done by the airtel customer care guy.
    In case you are not confident with those settings, just write the current settings down so that you can do them again.

  52. Sanjay,

    My Beetel 220BX firmware is substantially different from yours and also different from the other one mentioned down the blog. (Airtel guy came a couple of months back and upgraded the stuff). I am sending you screenshots. I hope you will get a chance to look at them and make a suggestion of how to do what you did.

    Thanks a lot.

  53. Sanjay,

    I got it working. The firmware was different in first screen under WAN (had VPI/VCI numbers etc.) but other pages were similar to your blog instructions.


  54. Sanjay!
    Thanks a ton for your instructions. My Linksys WRT55AG was lying unused for a long time, since I wasn't able to set it up with my Airtel broadband connection. The Airtel techsupport guy at my small town had also failed to set it up.
    I followed the easier way by changing the default IP of my wireless router to as suggested by Anonymous, and it worked for me.

    Thanks a ton both of you!

  55. I have gone through your post Sanjay and it really has been helpful...But I am still having a query...

    here it goes...

    I have an Airtel Broadband 699/- connection on Beetel 220Bx modem + X-Micro WLAN 11g (with wireless Access Point i.e.)

    I have connected the entire system and the net is running fine on my desktop as well as on the wifi of the lappy...

    The thing is that earlier i used to login the internet via a PPoe dialer on windows XP (which i had created).

    Now since the router is doing the dialing, the net is connected even if i don't need it (which I think is NOT a good idea!) ... and if i disconnet it from the desktop, the laptop's internet gets disconnected too..

    I would like to avoid giving in my PPPoE Login settings in the router, rather have a dialer on both the desktop and the laptop...but I have doubts about simultaneous connections to the internet then...

    Can this be done?

  56. ckhurana,
    First of all, I don't think it is that bad an idea if you have an always on internet if your broadband connection is unlimited one (which I think u have).

    Even if u do want to disconnect internet from one of the machines in the current setup, all you need to do is - go to Network Connections and disable the LAN connection. Re-enable whenever u want it back. In your laptop, you can simply switch off Wireless Radio (most laptops have a button on the keyboard to switch it off).

    Setting up PPPoE on both desktop and laptop, you cannot have them independent of each other.

  57. Thanks a lot sanjay... I managed to configure the
    LinkSys router w/o Airtel's tech. help. :)

  58. I bought a netgear router recently and tried configuring it to Sify Broadband connection (Without Modem). While the signal is received by my laptop, the net connectivity is not there. Tried number of times but failed. Netgear equipment works well when tested in a different place. The configuration settings made at home and at the other place is also similar. Where are we going wrong? Answers anyone?

  59. This was a life saver for me. I applied the same logic to configure my SMC Barricade Wireless Router with a Beetel 220BX1 ADSL2 modem. Prior to this, half the websites were not working. After configuring the modems based on your guidelines, everything is working like a charm. :-)


    - Anuj Seth
    Online Presence Blog -

  60. Hi Sanjay

    i followed the procedure listed out by you and have successfully configured my netgear wgr614v7 to the beetel 220bx.. thanks a lot


  61. Hi Sanjay,

    I had been trying to setup my wireless router for the past two days and had not been successfull in doing so.

    It was then that, I happened to see ur blog. And I could solve my issue in less than ten minutes.

    Ur post was very useful.
    Thank you so much.


  62. hi,

    Am having trouble configuring d-link wireless router, DI-254 with Airtel broadband connection (220bxl modem).

    I could login to the modem and the router as well, but, I do not want to disturb the modem settings (change them to bridge mode).

    Can someone help me out of this ?

    BTW, I have used this wireless router with BSNL Dataone without problems.

    e-mail id : ramthen-at-yahoo-dot-com.


  63. Ram,
    Did u try using other technique as specified by this comment on this page

  64. As per that post, that you pointed out, if I had to configure the IP of the wireless router to be the same as that of the modem, will it cause problems ?

    Sorry, to be pessimistic, but I do want to understand the problem; maybe, am confused a bit here.

    So, assuming that I configure the ip address of the wireless router to be the same as that of the modem, what about the other settings, like WAN, DHCP ?


  65. ops, sorry for the earlier post, I misread the fine print in the post pointed by you.

    Infact, I have configured the ip address of my router to; also, DHCP is enabled.

    But, I think, am messing up with WAN settings. Here, I have set it to PPPoE, but, am not sure about the username and password; is it the same that I use to login to the modem ?


  66. Ram,
    As I have also stated in the steps listed in the post, the username and passwd is that you put in your modem when u create a PPPoE connection there.

  67. Now, I seem to get it.

    Yes, indeed, the Airtel folks, gave me username (that contains phone no) and password.

    While configuring the router, in the WAN section, I supplied the username and password that I use to log into the modem. Looks like this is the problem.


  68. So, I tried the PPPoE username (that had the phone number in it) and the password; I gave these details along with the modem's ip address and ip of dns servers in "static PPPoE" section of WAN.

    This is how the menu looks like in DI-254.

    With all this done, am unable to connect to the net, but the system is able to get a valid ip from the router b'cos it is configured for DHCP.

    I have not touched the config of the modem.

    Any help pls ?


  69. Thanks....Configuring my WIFI-router (motorola WR850G) with Beetel220Bx worked well!

    I spent 2-days struggling to get it working ....and then decided to search the NET and stumbled across this article....the magic was "setting Beetel 220Bx in the Bridge-mode".

    Cheers! And thanks for sharing your expertise!

  70. Hi,
    I bought a linksys wrt54g wireless router and connected with my airtel 220BX adsl2+modem. The method you described here is just fine and works exactly like that. I also confirmed the same with airtel and they too suggested the same. Thanks for all the help.


  71. Has anyone used Airtel Broadband +Wifi with a VPN connection ? Are they able to use vpn over wifi?

  72. plz help me i need to forward some port rather open (u knw it well) to play on a game server. my modem is 220dxl.

  73. Hi Sanjay,

    I was able to setup wireless network with your instructions...Thanks..

    But now i am not able to use my VPN connection..Is there any problem with using wireless and you have any idea about it?

    Would really appreciate your help..

    - Kedar Kayal

  74. kedar,
    I would my office CISCO VPN with my wireless connection and it works pretty well.
    I once had some VPN issues with my ethernet connection. I re-installed VPN client and the issue went away.

  75. Though I finished the task, I thought should inform everyone via this blog, that, am now able to use airtel broadband with D-Link wireless router.

    Apart from setting the ip config in the wireless router to be different from that of the Airtel modem, I had to set, in the WAN connection of the wirelss router, the ip of the Airtel modem as static PPPoE with all the needed ip of DNS entries.

    Yes, it works. Thanks folks.


  76. Sanjay, thanks a lot it worked for my linksys wrt54g. I just followed your instruction and I am able to connect to internet in short 10 to 15 min, great time saver man. Expecting more technical blogs like this.

  77. .Hi,
    i have recently had connection with Airtel. they provided Beetel 220BX1 (ADSL2+MODEM)
    is this modem is same as 220BX.
    i am new to portwording and i like to forward ports for BitTorrent.
    If i am stuck with the said procedure is it possible to restore previoius setup for modem.
    Pls help.

  78. Anon,
    I have added instructions for port forwarding at

  79. i am a little confused here, u can call me dumb.

    i want to connect a laptop( Wireless Enabled) and my PC having the beetel 220bx modem given by airtel, through WIFI to airtel broadband together.

    now can i do that by the above mentioned way?

    cant i use just the wireless router(and not the beetel modem in between) through LAN\Ethernet to my pc and thorough WIFI to my laptop .

    i hope this does not confuse u too!!!

  80. Karan,
    If you only have to connect your desktop with your laptop (i.e. get then on the same LAN) and you don't need internet, you can connect them using only your Wireless Router.

    The process you mentioned is correct, the desktop would go in wired LAN of the router and the laptop would be via wireless.

    What problem are you facing with it?

  81. the problem is somthing else.

    i want to ask that why cant i use a wireless router cum modem which can act as my modem(and not use the beetel modem for this)by wiring it to my ethernet card of my PC(this is so becaouse i dont hve a wireless modem for my pc and i want to use the router as my modem). also it will connect to my laptop wirelessly.

    i want to connect them both togenther to my airtel broadband.

    i dont knw if u understand what i want to say!!

  82. karan,
    if you setup your beetel modem to work with your wireless modem as explained in this post, both your desktop and your laptop will be connected to each other and u will also have internet on each.

    I don't know why you don't want to use your beetel modem. You cannot make your wireless router act as the airtel modem(atleast with the regular DSL modems like Netgear).
    If you want to do that, you will have to purchase the wireless modem by airtel.

    In my opinion, it is much simpler and cheap to just connect the beetel modem and wireless router together, put your desktop LAN Card wire in your wireless router and get your laptop on WiFi

  83. ok thnx sanjay.
    hey can u tell me which wireless router is best in perfomance-cost. plz give me some suggestions. which will be gud: netgear or linksys.

    i dont wanna but dlink routers becoz they heat up like hell and freezes frequently.
    do tell the model no. too

  84. thanks dude, was lost and found this post. great stuff.

  85. Hi,
    I'm trying to connect a SpeedTouch 585 modem cum wireless router to my airtel connection. I currently have a Beetel 220BX modem in use.I wish to remove the beetel modem and replace it with the Speedtouch one.Can anyone tell me how I can do that?I'm having trouble setting it up.The speedtouch modem is from Australia.Thanks.

  86. peanut,
    you can download the installation guide for your modem from ... When configuring the connection, select PPPoE and then provided your airtel username and password (the ones that you have provided in your Beetel modem .. the username would be your phone no) ...
    Let me know if that works out for you.

  87. Great work... really helped me a lot. thanx :)

  88. Hi Sanjay, I did as you said and the router responed just fine... but there is a problem..

    My laptop is able to detect the network and is easily connected.. but my desktop on which i configured the router.. is unable to locate any networks.. but if i connect my desktop through an ethernet cable.. the net works just fine.. please help.

  89. Hi,

    Thanks for the info, this has been extremely helpful!! I got D-Link DI-524 to work.
    My main problem was that my username was not just my phone number, it was
    (where myphoneno includes the city area code)

    Not knowing that tripped me up for a while.
    I have the DLink wireless router running on dynamic PPoE with ip and the airtel modem ip

    So far, everything looks great.

  90. Hey Sanjay..i'm in a little bit of a fix ova here.
    I hav a BB connection which doesn't hav a modem to connect to my PC. I recently purchased a linksys WRT54G router n am nt able to configure it.
    First of all i wud like u to confirm wat i've done is ok...i've connected the incoming internet cable to the router's internet port,n connected da computer to one of da ethernet ports on the router.(Since each of the articles mentions a connection wid a modem...i'm kind of wary of da connections i made...).
    Here comes da soon as i'm done wid this connection..i can no longer access da internet...don't know whether dis is 'coz of sny faulty connection or anything else.
    Due to this...i'm nt able to execute the next step of configuration...of typing on ma browser fr obvious reasons...
    Kindly dyin to access da net on ma new laptop...!!


  91. @sonali ... Your wire connection seems correct ...
    typically all routers come with a installation guide and a CD.
    Your configuration should be easily done by following the steps of the installation guide.
    something the router is accessible at instead of so try that too.
    In case the network icon on your system tray doesn't show as connected, change your network cable.

  92. Ah..!! Its done..finally !!
    Seems like i wasn't quite workin on da right track..
    Thanks newayz...yr blog site was a big help..!!

  93. Thanks a ton. I spent around 4 hours trying to configure my Netgear WGR614 router with airtel broadband with no luck. After asking help from airtel customer care and couple of friends, I finally asked Google and it gave me this great article.

    Thank you very much.

    -Anil Vemulapalli

  94. good job man. i dont have a netgear router but i still want to congratulate you on the article you have posted.

  95. hi sanjay

    i am trying to make the yozan adsl router (older model provided by airtel) work with my bsnl connection. my lan shows as the gateway (which is the router itself) - pc is which correctly pings the router.

    but my wan shows nothing. that is i m unable to get a dynamic ip from bsnl onto the yozan router. can you help me with the wan connection part? whatever mode i choose PPPoA/E, or bridged or routed connection types with my BSNL ids/pwds, i am unable to make the router work.

    also i get the green lights blink in correct order, until the last set of data/adsl, and data/lan green lights which dont tandem. which means i know something is wrong.

    please help me. you can mail me at srikanth [at] chowchowbath [dot] com.

  96. The article is great and works too. But this articles focuses on a Wireless Router. I have seen Wireless Access Points being used in my office at each floor.
    Can I use a Wireless Access Point to use my Airtel Broadband connection across my home. All I have to do is to connect the Modem's output to the WAP and access the network wirelessly on my laptop (Wifi enabled) or Desktop (Wireless adapter enabled) ?

  97. Hi,
    I read the article and appreciate the details. I have a beetel 200BX from airtel. I have forwarded all the necessary ports for applications like Azureus, Unreal Tournament, Counter Strike and AOE.

    All applications work well except AOE. I am able to host and join all games except AOE2. I have searched a lot about it but nothing works. I have forwarded the following ports

    47624 TCP/UDP
    2300-2400 TCP/UDP
    6073 TCP/UDP

    still its doesnt work. In about 1000 attempts, I could barely connect to 2 servers and still could not play.

    I used to play with a friend who had a wireless router. We had this same problem amongst us and then he did exactly as you have mentioned in one of your posts regarding connecting directly from the modem. Then we were able to play.

    But unfortunately not all have wireless routers and so this thing doesnt work anymore.

    I am bugged with this as I love AOE2 more than anything and am very sad that I cant play it anymore.

    Can you help?


  98. Abhishek,
    My article already talks about port forwarding in the 220bx modem (not the wireless router) and the ports I have shown on the image are for AOE 2 only. I have tried them earlier and they work for me.

    I think your problem might be similar to this comment
    . As you can see my conversation with ashish, it seemed like the airtel modem problem.

  99. hey...
    thanks a ton...
    this was just so sipmle.. earlier i had waisted 3 hrs on just trying to do but did not succed......
    thanks a ton again bro.....

  100. thanks sanjay. did the way as mentioned by you and successful.
    for others ---
    after clicking on "edit", click "next", and u shall get the option to select "bridging".

  101. hey sanjay ,

    is this the modem airtel is giving to its new customers right now ?

    im visiting india for a few weeks, and i have a mac laptop. my family is getting airtel broadband at home, and i was thinking i could hook it up to a wireless router like you're suggesting and get my mac to connect to the net. (because according to airtel's website, they do not support Macs connecting directly to their dsl modems)..

  102. sb,
    I think its the same modem. I haven't heard of any new modems that airtel is giving out these days.

  103. Hi Sanjay,

    I'm planning to buy a wireless router (netgear WGR414). I'm thrilled to find this post in advance of my purchase.
    I'm planning to connect two machines to router (which will be connected to the airtel modem as you suggested in bridged mode)

    I've an interesting requirement.
    I connect to my office n/w using VPN (Nortel Contivity) client.
    Whatever port is connects through (I thing udp 500) is blocked in airtel modem's firmware (told by airtel guys) in routing mode.
    So they changed it to bridge mode.
    Where the VPN started working.

    But in this mode I'm not able to connect two machines as I connect through a dialer.

    I was just wondering if I can fix two machines by going through the configuration you've mentioned.

    Thanks in advance for your comments.


  104. WGR614 ... I stand corrected


  105. I would advise to keep an always on internet rather than connecting via a dialer. your dialing configuration can go in the router.
    check out my earlier comment at

  106. In that case, how do I configure PC and laptop?


  107. My infrastructure worked.
    Thanks much for your help and your post.


  108. Hi Sanjay,

    You've given a pretty extensive thread on how to use a wifi router with the 220bx. perchance would you know how to use it just as a wifi access point, (ie without all the fundae of putting the 200bx in bridge mode et al.) ...

  109. HI Sanjay, I have same Netgear Router which was bought 1 yr back. I have been facing problems while configuring it with my Airtel Broadband modem.

    Your post rocks.. I was able to configure Wi-Fi now. Thanks a lot for sharing this.

  110. I configured using these instructions in flat 10 minutes. I have a Dlink 524 router. The only issue was that my PPPoE status was shown disconnected after i did everything pr the article. Just clicking on connect in the status screen solved that issue and I am all set on my wifi network. Thnx for the article.

  111. Hi Sanjay,

    My Airtel modem is ADSL2+ 220BXI. I have a Linksys WRT54G purchased in the UK. I used to use it with a cable/DSL modem. Now I am in Bangalore. Will it work with Airtel ADSL modem?

    I have both telephone and broadband. The Airtel documentation suggests that the splitter is ADSL and the modem is in fact DSL not ADSL.


  112. Hi Sanjay,

    Your article is awesome. I just wanted to know that to make my Airtel broadband wireless, so that I can use it for my desktop as well as laptop ( built in 802.11 gb wireless ), do I need to have a Wireless Network Interface Card (WNIC) in my CPU. It already has a LAN card in it. Also, I am going to buy Netgear Wireless router WGR614 for making wireless settings, do you think this combination will workout fine. As you can see from language of my question, I am not a tech guy, so your help would be very much appreciated. Thanks

  113. anon ... you do not need the wireless card on your desktop, the wireless router comes with 4 LAN ports which you can plug in your desktop LAN Card.
    This question has been asked many times, check out the earlier comments in case you are still confused.

  114. Arvind, your Linksys router should work with Airtel. Try it out.

  115. Hi Sanjay,

    I followed your intructions and configured it correctly. I am able to access the net using the LAN, but my wireless LAN card is not getting the DHCP ip. I am not sure, whether my wireless LAN is working fine or not; this will be first time i am trying to accessing a network connection through wireless card. I had installed VPN earlier prior to configuring the modem/router/laptop. Now, please , let me know, how do i verify, whether my laptop wireless card is working fine or not. The wireless card is not detecting the network. I have airtel's 220bx with WRT54G router. Since, i am able to browse the net through my LAN card, i feel the configurations done so far with modem/router are fine. Please let me know, how should i configure my wireless LAN card on LAPTOP having XP home edition.
    Should i have to unistall th vpn..?
    and try the checking thw wifi..?

  116. just an update for my previous comment , i am having Intel PRO/Wireless 3945BG Network Connection card on my LAPTOP

  117. Hi Sanjay,
    I have a beetel 220 X modem and a Linksys WRT54G router. I tried setting it up the way your blog suggested and was unable to do so. One reason could be the username field in the router will accept only 21 characters and the username provided by airtel is arund 30 characters long. I was going through the comments to your blog and saw comment #1441096254704785118. I tried that and as soon as I made the connections I am not able to access to change the IP. Do you have any suggestions? Any help is appreciated. I am puling my hair on this for sme time now.

  118. Good evening,

    A big big thank from a french guy. 2 days I was trying to connect my beetel220BX with my linksys WRT54GC. I was going to give up when I found your blog. 5mins later, everithing was working.

    Thanks a lot again !!


  119. hey guys, i was thinking about going wireless with my airtel connection, and i came across this page, and now i dont want to buy Airtel's wireless router. Lol. So what wireless router do you suggest I can get? I live in Chennai. The maximum number of users that will connect to this network will be a desktop, two laptops, and a phone. Hope to hear from you. Thanks

  120. Just bought linksys WRT54G and connected with airtel Beetel 220BXI adsl2+modem
    set up every thing like ur blog said . and every thing works fine . even on my laptop as well as my PC .
    BUT >>> i am not able to forward ports . i followed steps for my router . still dosent work .. plz help .. i want to confi utorents or bittorent

  121. Just bought linksys WRT54G and connected with airtel Beetel 220BXI adsl2+modem
    set up every thing like ur blog said . and every thing works fine . even on my laptop as well as my PC .
    BUT >>> i am not able to forward ports . i followed steps for my router . still dosent work .. plz help .. i want to confi utorents or bittorent

  122. Thanks Sanjay,

    It is solved my problem


  123. Hi Sanjay,
    first I'd just like to thank you for posting what you did, but with a small correction - at least in my case.

    I have a Beetel ADSL 220BX1 modem (I don't know if this is different from the 220BX). Anyway, I bought a Linksys WRT54G recently, and was suffering from the same issues as most people, until I came across your blog.

    Now I followed all your instructions but this led to a major problem - if you disable DHCP on the DSL modem, nothing works AND if you only have an ethernet connection between your modem and your PC, you CANNOT reconnect to modem and re-enable DHCP, because without DHCP, the pc cannot establish a connection with the modem. I had to hit the reet button at the of the modem and then, luckily, I had the USB cable that came with my modem, and was able to reconnect to it using USB, where I re-enabled DHCP.

    So in short, the solution that you've mentioned is correct, but at least for me, I had to set the DSL modem to Bridging mode, but leave DHCP enabled

  124. @TTG
    if you disable DHCP ... you can access the modem at ...
    DHCP is used to automatically assign IP Address to the computer. You can manually assign the IPs by going to
    Network Connections -> Local Area Connection .. right click properties -> TCP/IP Properties
    and put these values
    IP -
    Subnet Mask -
    Gateway -
    DNS Server -

    I asked to disable DHCP server because sometimes the DHCP server of modem conflicts with the server of the router.

  125. hey dude ...that is good stuff ...can you explain the same with d link modem glb-502t..i use the same wireless router but couldn't get the configuration ....and i use bsnl internet but it is same as airtel. my email id is

  126. Hi Sanjay, Thanks a lot for you help in setting up the router. I was struggling with the cd but later searched and found your site and ur steps solved the problem.
    But, now if i try to connect to internet using cable, it does not connect. What should I do for that? I wanted it to work even when I connect my laptop using cable. It is not working with cable now :(
    Sunil Kamat

  127. Hey it is Sunil Kamat again. Please also mail your reply to for my previous query. THanks again for your help.

  128. Thanks a lot mate!!! I was about to pull my hairs and almost started cursing the vendor but your wonderful post came to the rescue..Everything worked in just one try..Thanks!!!

  129. Do we have to contact Airtel to setup the wireless modem on the existing Airtel BB connection, or can we go buy the modem and connect/configure it ourselves??

  130. I have set up my wifi using your instructions.

    I have netgear 614v7 and beetel 220bx

    Everything works fine as long as I use a single system to access the wifi.

    The probem starts when I try to access the wifi network using multiple computers at the same time.

    for eg. I switch on my desktop which is connected to netgear router through cable. (i.e. the desktop does not use Wifi.)

    Now when I switch on my laptop in another room, I get a system ip error on both laptop and the desktop.

    I have to manually repair the connection in order to be able to use the internet on both systems.

    Obviously, both the systems are being assigned the same IP address leading to conflict.

    How do I avoid this? have I setup something wrong in my airtel modem or my netgear router or my desktop/laptop network settings?

    I need to knoe what is causing this ip error conflict and how to resolve this.


  131. @sunil - You can connect via cable too ... the cable should be connect the wireless router with the LAN card.
    @KVS - u do not need to contact the airtel guys. Follow the steps.
    @Nirjhar - Your wireless router is also a DHCP server. If both your LAN cards is set on Automatically get IP, there should not be any IP conflict.
    Otherwise simply assign manual IPs as per my earlier comment

  132. Guys, I got my Airtel just 2 days from now, and what I have ended up with is that I lost the paper on which I noted down the Airtel ISP's usermane and password, also what's disgusting is i didn't even memorize the matter. Is there any way possible to recover the password? Shall calling the customer care solve this problem?
    Please help me out!

  133. hey guys, I called up the customer care for the same reason I posted earlier, they rested the password and I was able to configure my Router according to the steps given by Sanjay.

    Everythings working fine. Thanks a lot Sanjay for the task you have simplified.

  134. When it come to configuration, ZyXEL router can be easily configured.

  135. Hey Sanjay,

    Even after following your steps, I'm unable to connect to the wireless network... not sure what to do...

  136. Thnx man, it works like a charm and the first thing I did after configuring it .. was to give you this vote of thanks ...
    Any blog on securing the network?
    Thanks again!!!

  137. hey sanjay...just went thru your blog since I wanted to configure airtel modem to wireless one of the comments you mentioned
    "On the right screen, you see a single service listed called PPPoE. Click on Edit.
    Now click on Bridge Mode (the last option). Click Next few times and then save."

    Now when I click edit button I didnt get the bridge mode infact the screen shows no option for selection. what's the prob?

  138. Thanks Sanjay. Your instructions worked for me to set up my LinkSys WTR54GC.

  139. Great article, Sanjay.

    I am running into a bit of a problem. As soon as I converted my modem into a bridge. I could not access my 220BX again. Firefox returned the error message : Taking too long to respond.

    Also, after enabling port forwarding, when I type in my IP Address I should be getting my router's config screen but I don't the same error as above is displayed.

    Router: Linksys WRT54G
    Modem: Beetel 220BX

  140. Hey,
    Thankx a tons for such a detailed description. I had a completely established network at my home. but i got some errors while finguring with the configurations of my modem and wifi router. I have tried doing all this and now my network is up. Thank you once again.

    modem-beetel bxi220
    Wifi- D-link DI-524

  141. This has been VERY helpful to me. It is a detailed Information and have saved my time and money.
    Thanks again.....

  142. Hey i'm in a bit of a problem...just bought a netgear router yesterday and have been trying to configure it with my beetel modem. Before reaching this place i read that i should change my LAN Ip for the netgear router to anything but because the beetel modem has the same one and it conflicts. i changed it to it gave me a nice surprise..the router page does not open...i've tried resetting it...tried doing a system restore...nothing sucks...i need to fix this...please help

  143. dude ... just lovely :)

  144. Hey i have problem...I just bought a netgear router and a folow the steps which you mension and have been trying to configure it with my beetel modem. but after changing all setting, my internet is not working and router is also not working so called to airtel, he revomed all perivous setting and give me new setting.Now my internet is working but still router is not working ...i need to fix this...please help me...

  145. i too not getting internet though
    router. any one whao can help me
    i wd grateful to him

  146. hey sanjay....i got connected through router........thanks...
    please tell me one more thing i want to give wireless to some restricted laptop, so please say me how can i do this.

  147. Thanks alot.. it was really helpful...

  148. Information in this Blog was verymuch useful for me in settingup the Wireless Router.
    Thanks for every one who has taken all the pain in describing the steps for making others life easy

  149. Thanks, it was useful.

  150. Hi,
    Thanks! this helped me a lot!

  151. coagpvSanjay,

    This stuff was too good.. it just works without any hassel...

    Thanks a lot..

  152. Thanks a lot buddy!!! Great Job!!! This worked for my Linksys WTR54GS Wireless router too...

  153. This is the "Setting up a wireless router with Airtel for Dummies" - works as promised! The easiest, step-by-step instruction that WORKS!oingneqn

  154. Just Wonderful. I have not ever seen a so great step by step document. Hats off to you!!!!

    Thanks a Ton.

  155. Hi,
    I have airtel broadband connection (Beetel 220BX modem) and Linksys WRT54G wireless router. I was able to use have the internet go wireless using PPPoE settings in the modem (i.e., without changing the airtel provided settings in the modem). I would like need to know if there would be any security issues in the way I have configured
    This is what did to get it work.

    1. Beetel 220BX
    - No changes required
    - Iit's IP address as
    - DHCP enabled

    2. Linksys WRT54G
    - Changed it's IP address to
    - Disabled DHCP
    - Comfigured secure wireless settings with MAC address filter

    3. Physical Connection
    - Ethernet cable from airtel modem to LAN port 1
    - Ethernet cable from PC to airtel modem to LAN port 2 or wireless connection to airtel modem

    I am able to access internet, http to router settings and modem settings. Will there be any security issues with this?


  156. This is the nth time I have used this wifi setup guide for Airtel Broadband and Netgear. Gread work Dude!!! Its a big help

  157. hi sanjay, I am having beetel 220BX ADSL2+ modem. product name is : adsl2 + cpe. I want to kmow will this modem work with Bsnl Broadband connection.

    regards and thanx in advance.

    I would also like to know if anybody can mention setting of this modem related to BSNL Broadband.

    again thanx in advance.

  158. Dude, this just rocks. I spent hours in the morning banging my head on why the !@$% wouldn't work but your post was so simple & efficient that my wireless network is up and running within minutes!

    Great work man, thanks again and keep it up.

    Just for records, following are my connection details:

    Connection: Airtel Broadband
    Modem: Beetel 220BXI ADSL2 + Modem
    Router: Linksys WRH54G
    Computers: 1 Toshiba, 1 Dell

    Thanks again,

  159. Hi,
    I followed your steps and configured my beetel 220 model to sitecom wifi router. I was able to access the internet from my PC & laptop. But when I restart my model&router the internet access gets disabled and I am not able to figur the problem.
    I need to do the steps mentioned in your blog again to get the internet access.

    pl help me out.


  160. hey sanjay hope u can help me...i got the old airtel yozan model which is like connecting the modem to the comp with usb .i got a belkin wirless router..and i wanna share this broadband connection from my desktop to the laptop...every instructions seems to say connect modem to the wireless router which i am confused abt???

  161. Smooth as butter
    Sweet as honey

    Thanks dude, this works like a charm!!

  162. Nice post.... it is indeed the simple and best answer for configuring the router and airtel modem..

    It saved hours for me....

  163. Hi Sanjay,

    I have never blogged or commented on any web content till date.... but here i am doing it for your impressive blog.

    After a lot of pain, trying to set up my Linksys router with Airtel modem,i desperately googled for help, found a lot of stuff on the web,but your idea got my router working at last...thanks a ton buddy.. keep it up

    Dr.Nitin N.S.

  164. Hey, I set up my router and moem exactly as shown above. My routers ip address is . after configuring it i cannot access the modems screen anymore,how would i do that?

  165. Hi,

    Thanks for such a well written post. I want to use a VoIP ATA with the Beetel 220bx modem. I am not able to get the ATA (Linksys RTP300) to work behind the beetel modem.

    What is the difference between DMZ and bridging? I have read on some other site that DMZ does a similar task. My read is DMZ requires you to specify the IP of the computer (or router) you want to put in the unprotected (read public) domain. Whereas, in case of bridging anything after the modem (router or switch) is put in the public domain.

    Kindly clarify.

  166. Hi man,
    You have written an excellent post...couple of years now, people have really benefited out of it. I still face a problem with my wireless access. After setting up via my new Linksys router, the directely connected (wired) PC is working fine now, but my Vista based laptop cannot connect to the internet via this wireless. It is able to ping, identify and connect to the wireless network but can't use internet!

    Any idea? The case is the same with my Nokia phone which can see the wireless connection but can't access internet!

    Any help will be appreciated!


  167. thanks guys!

    I have a beetel modem and a linksys 54G router. I started with Sanjay' solution. But somehow I couldn't find the Bridge option on LAN. May be I missed something or that the beetel interface has changed.

    Anyway I did what one anonymous commenter had suggested. That is changing the router IP to something other than That seems to solve the problem.

    Thanks guys!

  168. Thanks a tonne!! its really awesome.. have been trying to figure out how to run my beetel 220bx as just a modem, coz i have a linksys WRT54G router..

    I wanted to start a server on my comp, and that didnt seem possible with the 220bx.. with this solution, it may be possible..


  169. ok i got a weird problem. i configured and everything was working just fine. around 3 o clock in the nite i was installing kaspersky and i dont know if that was the reason but my net isnt working in the laptop properly . where as before it was.
    the deal now is that in my laptop msn messenger and google talk works perfectly fine. when i go 2 internet explorer would open but if i search something it wouldnt go to the next page. same thing with orkut and facebook

    can you tell me how to solve this problem ?

  170. hi....sanjay
    i ahve configured my airtel broadband with my netgear router but the speed of my internet is slow as compared to when it is connected directly using lan
    by speedometer check earlier i used to get 200kbps but now im only getting 40kbps

  171. Can't believe that ... 40Kbps is the speed of a dialup, terribly slow ... are you seeing a noticeable browsing speed difference? Gmail wouldn't even open on 40Kbps.
    Also, the case of b in Kbps is generally confusing. 1 KBps = 8 Kbps
    You may want to check that.

  172. Dear its 40 KBps....i have airtel broadband......but the problem im facing is that when i directly operate it to lan i get 200KBps.......and on netgear router it comes40...

  173. Hi,

    I configured my wireless router (Pronet router) and airtel connection like u have mentioned.

    However, the url: fails to load and also my internet connection is unsecured.
    Pls let me know wat I shd do.


  174. Hi,

    I was wondering hw i cud make my airtel wireless connection password protected. My neighbour casually told me she uses our network.

    I want to make it password protected. any suggestions ??

  175. Thanks a Lot... It worked for me.


  176. Hi sanjay, Thanks alot for your such wonderful help contents. I struggled alot and searched almost all resources available.. finally after reading this document I configured linksys router in 15min.
    Thank you,

  177. Thanks a bunch for saving me from dealing with Airtel support.

    This is pretty concise and accurate set of instructions.

    Great job!!!

  178. Hi, have details a different approach that does not require any changes on the Beetel Modem

  179. Simply perfect
    Thanks for sharing your tips and making it better for all of us.


  180. Hi Sanjay Goel, Thanks a lot for your tutorial "Setting up Wireless Router with Airtel modem Beetel 200BX". We were facing problems trying to connect to Air tel through Netgear .At last we found a solution through your blog entry. Once again THANKS. Cheers, Neelima

  181. Hi Sanjay Goel, Thanks a lot for your tutorial "Setting up Wireless Router with Airtel modem Beetel 200BX". We were facing problems trying to connect to Air tel through Netgear .At last we found a solution through your blog entry. Once again THANKS. Cheers, Neelima

  182. Hi,
    I have installed a Airtel wifi modem cum router model number 450BXI adsl2
    +router. Its a wifi system and i need to secure my wifi. Plz guide me how to do that.


  183. Hi

    Recently I tried marrying Linksys WRH54G with my Beetel 110BX1 modem from Airtel. There were some initial hickups but after going through your blog..all went fine and they are a happy couple now...Touchwood!

    I have WEP 128 key security.....
    Is that sufficient or should I do some MAC Filtering for added security!

    Thanks for this Blog!

    Great Job!

  184. hey i use beetel 220BXI adsl2+modem .. some people say that it is by itself a router . now how to set it up as a router . i have a 8 port switch and 2 pc's .. i was unable to access internet in both the computer at same time but lan is established in both . what should be dome to access internet in both pc's ?? do i need a router ?? pls answer

  185. Thanks Sanjay!! Another hit on linksys
    working LAN - LAN and LAN - wireless.
    but not on internet port

  186. Hello
    I am using airtel broadband connecion with beetel adsl moden connected to a netgaer wireless router. I am not able to sign in to hotmail and not able to upload blogs in blogger. In outlook i am not able to send mails from outlook express

  187. nice blog with very informative contect...
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  188. Hi Sanjay, I have configured the airtel wireless router and its working fine with my laptop.

    I was trying to connect my iphone to this router and strange thing is happening. I am not able to connect my iphone to the wifi network and as soon as I enable the wifi on my iphone the router is getting rebooted.

    Any idea why this is happening? Any idea on how to configure iphone with Airtel router?

    Thanks in advance.



  189. Hi Sanjay,
    Yesterday airtel guys have installed Beetel450BX Wireless Router and replaced my 220BX modem.But ever since it is getting frequently disconnected and then reconnecting.Is this a setup related issue.Did anyone went through this before me?This was not a bridge setting as the whole modem (220BX was replaced).

  190. HI Sanjay..
    I've been using dlink adsl router DSL 2640T with my mtln triband. I have an iMac. I had no need to plug anything into the mac itself. i had configured the dlink, and my mac and two laptops all worked wirelessly.
    I have just changed to airtel: and am faced with 2 problems.

    1. I wasnt given the username and password properly. when i asked, they told me it was my tel no. But it seems one has to type or something like that after it?

    2. Th password he's written on my form is barely legible.

    Can i demand that he come back and show me how to configure the modem again from scratch?

    3. I would like to bypass the 'modem' altogether, and use my dlink modem+router as i did previously for my mtnl line. That saves me a lot of clutter on my desk. Can this be done? I've been trying since yesterday.. but something- either the username or password is wrong. Or i'm getting some settings wrong. Or it just can't be done.

    I asked the airtel guy if it can be done and he insists it cannot. perhaps he wants me to purchase their router? and so he's not co-operating?

    It's driving me nuts..

    Please help


  191. @Supriti
    Call the airtel guy and ask for the username and password again.
    For bypassing the router, I don't know if that can be done or not. Airtel anyways gives the modem pretty cheap (I guess they take Rs.500 for both phone instrument and modem). So I would suggest to take the modem and get the connection working first and then try to configure the dlink modem.

  192. I am surprised with the dedication you shown for replying the each query or issue. Great work Sanjay. Very few people are like you, who love to help other without asking any return. Thanks.
    I too have the Beetel 220bx ADSL2 modem + wifi router,which i was using with BSNL connection and was working fine. Now i have shifted to new house and have Hathway cable modem, which can connect only one system at a time. The IP gets assigned to the Desktop/laptop's network card. i wanted to take this IP to one of the Beetel's LAN port and configure it only as router/gateway for wifi and other 3 LAN ports, and not as a ADSL dialer modem. I am not sure how will i do it. Can you help please?

  193. Let me clarify more
    Current setup is :-
    Cable line > terminates to Cable modem>another port connects to Laptop on network card > IP gets assigned to laptop from Hathway DHCP server

    Want connections as:-
    Cable line > terminates to Cable modem>another port connects to One of the four Eth ports of Beetel modem> internet gets shared with wifi and other LAN devices
    So I want beetel box to –
    1) NOT acts as ADSL dialer
    2) act as DHCP server
    3) act as router and NAT device
    4) take incoming connection on eth port and NOT on ADSL line
    5) gives output as shared internet on other 3 LAN ports and on wifi

    Surendra Chhabra

  194. Surendra,
    Providers like Sify tie up the ip address with mac address of your network card. If thats the same case with hathway, the only way is to have a desktop with 2 network cards (one for hathway cable and the other goes to your wi-fi router) and use Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) on the desktop.
    I don't know of a better solution so far.

  195. I was up and running in 5 mins. Thanks Sanjay.

  196. I am also facing a same problem as someone else also described. My router is getting rebooted when i try to connect my iphone on the beetle wireless router. can somebody tell me what might be wrong.

  197. hi m sharing airtel broadband connection with my fren....m receiving jus RJ-45 cable at my place n using it on my i bought a laptop n D-link Dl-524 wireless router...i wanna use both my desktop n laptop for internet so how to configure Dl-524....i cant get ADSL router n lan router at my place....