Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Haminasto Haminasto Haminasto

2006 was the year of trips to me. And in what better way could it have ended than a 7 day trip to Kashmir.

Firdaus wasn't kidding when he said that this place is the paradise on earth. Though some people took those words a bit too literally and decided to open a route to directly reach the zannat from it.
Sarcasm apart, it was good to see that military tensions are much less in these areas at this time and our trip went very smoothly.

No amount of words are sufficient to describe this trip. Hence I would let the pictures do all the talking :-)

Gulmarg - Starting off from the hotel

View from the Gondola (Ropeway)

The Mighty Skiers

It doesn't get better than this

Playing in the Snow

Srinagar - Houseboat we stayed in

Dal Lake - Char Chinar

Yusmarg - Heavy Snowfall

All we want is peace

Gulmarg - The panoramic view

You can find all the photos of the trip here.


  1. Looks like it was great fun...

  2. can u give few staying options at srinagar? how much is for houseoat stay?

  3. Houseboat is the best option. Even though most people advised us against houseboats due to extreme cold, and we stayed in hotels for most of the days there, but the experience of houseboat was amazing. And it was pretty cheap when compared to hotels, probably due to off season. I think we paid like 3000 bucks per day for 2 rooms in the biggest houseboat of the lake including meals.

  4. it luks really nice.. i wanna visit this place noe.. ;)

  5. Hi Great,
    Did you visit in Dec. ?
    How was the temperature ?