Tuesday, February 17, 2009

25 Random Things about me

I recently wrote a list of 25 things about me on facebook. Reproducing the same here:

  • I would be surprised if I am able to write 25 things about myself.
  • My college nickname Shakti went on to become my alter ego.
  • I am not a geek in the true sense. I am an entrepreneurial geek. And I know less than most people think I know.
  • I have reverse aged. Most things that people do in college, I did after it. And I still feel around 5 years older than I actually am.
  • I am one of the earliest adopters of most web 2.0 services you see today. Gmail, Orkut, delicious, flickr etc
  • I started blogging in 2004 out of boredom at work. It is one of the best things I have done and continuing.
  • I discovered my fascination for amateur photography during my Kashmir trip.
  • I started my first entrepreneur venture mustseeindia.com last year.
  • I am a risk taker in general and I love adventure sports. I have done rafting, skiing, paragliding. I wish to do sky diving.
  • I am one hell of a procrastinator.
  • I am a good teacher. I wish to teach a class just for fun.
  • I love snow and the Himalayas.
  • My first kiss was on my bday. My first breakup was on my bday too.
  • I changed so much during college that a college senior who saw me after 2 years couldn't recognize me.
  • Quite a few of my friends take my advice in their personal matters.
  • Biggest compliment I ever got was - It would be really difficult to find a guy who would say bad things about Sanjay.
  • My only ever purchase of Internet services (except for web hosting for my company) is buying storage on Picasa for storing photos.
  • Given enough time, I am a good judge of people. I used to do MBTI personality test on willing friends.
  • I used to have serious aversion to girls till end of college. Now, few of my best friends are girls.
  • I love gadgets. I used to be a mobile phone freak too until I bought the iPhone. I have become totally uninterested in other phones ever since.
  • I love music (even though that seems like a cliche). I own a pair of bose headphones for the same.
  • I am a bad bad singer but I really like to sing. That made me the most popular cacophonist during college.
  • I have been decent in sports. My biggest achievement in sports is winning a silver medal for my hostel in Volleyball.
  • I was the surprise Carrom Champion in my final year at college. It was incidently my debut at the championship. I also loved the Munnabhai MBBS carrom sequence, the only place ever where carrom has been glorified.
  • I have surprised myself. Wrote 25 items and still can think of a few more to write.

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