Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Losing Status

This is that part of the life which everyone knows is coming and no one knows why. Well I did have some sadistic reasons to people who asked me why in the past, but now I would need permission to publish them. So much for freedom of speech :D

I have lost my bachelor status, as I am now officially engaged to Ankita.

Engagement Pics

Bobby, PK, Lapy, Mama, Lalka, Sid A, Karan, Gaurav, Aman and Priyanka - thanks for coming. You are the best. Hope you all and everyone else would be there for the moral support on D-Day.


  1. Congratulations! You guys look great together. And yes, say goodbye to freedom of speech as you know it.

  2. Congratulations Sanjay! Wishing you and Ankita all the very best.

    And oh yes - say GoodBye to Freedom of Speech (sorry - could not resist making that comment ;)

  3. You need moral support for the D-day :)

  4. @ankita - I only need you.

    @anurag @kiran and others - Thanks a lot, and you guys know what I need ;-)

  5. Congratulations Sweetie!!!
    And all the best Sanjay :)

  6. Ahh .. the much awaited saali sahiba speaks ;-) ... Welcome to this blog Anuja.

  7. congratulation sanjay and ankita
    all the best for ur new and beautiful life.
    from payal.