Tuesday, June 08, 2004


means complete destruction.
My profession has caused me to put many restrictions on myself. No staying awake late on weekdays. No movies, come back home early.
Last evening was fanaah of all rules and routine. Anuj and me went out for dinner and then saw the late night show of Yuva. It has a song which preaches:
hone do dil ko fanaah ... hone do dard ko dawa ... udhne do har ek woh tamanna
Unlike most critics, I liked the movie though I felt it was a bit too long.
After finally having both Hum Tum and Yuva in my kitty, I can now claim my movie lover tag back :-) which got lost after leaving bangalore.
I am feeling pretty sleepy since morning but who cares ... Hone Do Fanaah


  1. तेरे चिट्ठे पर भी मैं हिन्दी में टिप्पणी लिख सकता हूँ | है ना मजेदार...

  2. बहुत सही ... बहुत ही सही :-)

  3. Ya, I saw Yuva and liked it. Wonder why it was not such a hit in India. I thought it made a good point about how young people ought to be more involved in politics.

    Lately, I have begun to realize the importance of political and cultural influence in our lifes.