Monday, June 14, 2004

A weekend in Noida

I have been living in Noida for like 2 months now. But it still remains a No-idea-what-to-do place for me during weekends. One reason for this is that I spend 3 weekends out of 4 in jaipur, my hometown.
This weekend was different. Went out on all three evenings, watched Dev, met Shikhar and Vipul and found out that Vipul also stays in Noida.
Dev deals with 2 cops, 2 friends, both have suffered the same trauma, but while one has gone against extremism, other has gone against a community. Sadly, most people I have seen are like Tej, who target a community for all problems rather than extremism.
Amitabh Bachchan is brilliant as Dev. As a rational minded cop supplemented with karma, he preaches as well as works towards it. Dialogue delivery is fantastic, and though the subject of movie is pretty heavy, it rarely goes heavy on the viewer.
Om puri also lives upto his reputation as Tej. Fardeen is okay and Kareena is not worth a mention.
There are 2 dialogues of Dev worth mentioning:
There have been communal riots and lots of people have died due to neglect of police. Dev is angry, Tej tries to console by saying that this is just collatoral damage.
Dev Says "hum aur tum kaun hote hai yeh decide karne waale ki kisko jeene ka haq hai aur kisko nahi"
Another place where Dev has put a politician behind bars and CM asks to release him, Dev refuses. On this, Tej later tries to explain Dev that he shud know how to talk to these guys and accept whatever they say or else woh bach nahi payega
On this, Dev replies "Tum bach jaoge Tej"
It takes an Amitabh to deliver such dialogues.

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