Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Some more of Hum Tum

There is a scene in Hum Tum I liked in particular (though most people wont have same feelings here)
Saif is trying to do something good for Rani but things somehow gets messed up, some fighting and rani is in tears whle saif ends up drinking. Saif hasn't said that he is in love with Rani at this stage.

After he drinks a lot, he says "Aanson uske nikalte hai aur dard yahan hota hai(pointing to his heart)yeh kaisa insaaf hai" ... then suddenly correcting himself ... "arre yahi to insaaf hai, agar aanson bhi uske hote aur dard bhi uska to insaaf thore hi hota" .. and then the conclusion ... "arre sahi insaaf to yeh hota ki uske aanson bhi yahan hote aur dard bhi yahin"(pointing to himself again)

Though I feel most people would find it an overdose, this is one of the scenes where I noticed Saif's talent to do emotional scenes.
Also, this is the first time in the movie where he clearly shows how much he really loves rani and where his character gains my empathy. Cheers to Karan Kapoor.


  1. ok.. interesting piece of poetry ... well, its almost poetry... reminds me of my story :-)... and, no don't expect me to elaborate

  2. actually kind of my story too, and I wont elaborate either ;)

  3. Listen brother,
    Arent we a bit too mature to digest this overdose of goody-good-bull-shit. ? I read your profile and found out that you are an IITian. Man, you must have participated in or atleast seen innumerable daru treats. How many times did you see a person who was a in a serisous relationship with a girl talk about her? I doubt that it happened even once. The only people who talked about gals were those who dint have them. This Devdasian phenomenon has be galmorised since time immemorial by Dilip Kumar to Amitabh Bacchan and now Saif.
    GET REAL...

  4. ten people are around you boozing, having fun, grabbing every chance to pass comments on any person or event. Who would want to talk abt the girl he loves and become the target of everyone's comments. I certainly wouldn't.
    Give a situation where I am with 1-2 close friends and has a similar problem as saif has and this scene does seem like a possibility to me.
    Being said that, I would also like to point out that as evilian pointed out, this is almost poetry. And I like poetry because it pleases me, not because its close to reality :-)

  5. This might suck.... but I couldn't stop myself...
    HA HA, and bloody HA!!