Monday, June 07, 2004

Sinusoidal Curve

I always believe that life is a sinusoidal curve. Life is normal, then it starts becoming good, goes on to a peak, starts dipping until it can't do more bad and then things start improving again.
But what if the time-period becomes very short. When the low moment comes before we fully enjoy the high moment. And worse, when it comes even before we start enjoying the peak.
I am terribly confused. One part of me wants to think abt the peak of the curve and be happy, the other is thinking abt the trough it has created.
How do I describe my state of mind right now. In simple mathematical terms, a peak and a trough cancels out and puts life on zero axis. Kaaash ...


  1. hmm... but dude.. life is not maths.. it is not an equation where both sides have to balance... see, even if you think of it as a pure physical system.. entropy (and chaos) has to keep on increasing... when you add up everything else, biology, chemistry and psychology things become so much more complicated, if not indeterministic...

  2. Nice to have entropy fundas revisited after being away from chemical engineering for more than 2 years :-)
    Life, like chemical engineering, has only highly unreliable empirical formulas. No axioms or theorms. As my profs used to say, only trust experience.
    Trouble is ... I never liked chemical engineering.

  3. computer science, on the contrary, seeks proof of correctness and completeness... i never liked computer science :-)...