Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Why omniscence

Why did I name my blog omniscience. As dictionary.com says, omniscient is one having total knowledge, something unachievable by a mere mortal. Hence omniscient also means god, the almighty.
So the uninitiated would say that this title simply depicts my extreme arrogance and immaturity. To be frank, a small part in me does agree to him.
However, the larger part, which can never criticize me, does come up with an explanation(We all come up with explanations, dont we). It says that the meaning of omniscience here is knowledge-savviness and depicts that mission of my life is to be knowing everything. And having a mission that is unachievable is important as thats what makes me keep on living.
I have still not been able to put my image on my profile. So much for omniscence ;).

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