Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Visitors on this page

Surprise surprise ... in just 5 days of blogging I have already got a comment from someone other than Gullu. I am not counting Gullu because I myself told him about this page. A small vote of thanks to him and bindu, the first visitor (okay okay .. this is the last time)
On the photo on my profile, this is a digital passport size photograph I got in my final year at college to apply in various comapanies in campus. I got 25 photos but due to some great luck, 2 photos were sufficient for me during the campus recruitment. Since then this photo has been my most used and at most varied places. I dont have any hard copies of it left now but still have this softcopy which makes it my most used photo on the net also.
I like this photo mainly because I seem a bit more fair in it than I actually am.


  1. and what sanjay did not tell u was that, he was the first guy on the campus to be OOP :-)... and he ended up working for a third company...


  2. hehe ... for the record, I did work in the first company, though only for 2.5 months ;). and Its the fourth company now.

  3. What is the deal with being fair in India? I thought ab tak, with the advent of all dark skinned models and heroines like Bipashe and lara dutta, this myth would be gone.

    very suprising, it isn't.

  4. It has nothing to with myths or India. I do like bipasha basu and nandita das. Its just that I like myself more with a fairer face. Don't know whether other people like me as fair or dark (don't want to know either).